07 FEB 2007 :: Polar Bear Dash 5k — first race, ever. I ran this in formation, led by my Drill Instructors during Air Force Basic Training. I don’t remember our actual time, but I do remember our flight placing first out of the rest of the training groups.

31 AUG 2008 :: Human race 10k — 1:12, 11:35 pacerace report

27 SEP 2008 :: Doggie Dash 5k — 28:48, 9:16 pacerace report

** I ran races in 2009, while pregnant, but all of those results are in a box somewhere. Whenever we unpack them, I’ll post the results**

31 MAY 2010 :: 23rd Lou Cox Memorial Run 5k — 28:46, 9:16 pace — race report

06 JUN 2010 :: Strawberry Festival 10k Classic — disaster report

12 JUN 2010 :: Wright Patterson Air Force Base 10k  — CANCELLED

22 AUG 2010 :: Little Miami Half Marathon — 2:10:10, 9:53 pace — race report

18 SEP 2010 :: United States Air Force Half Marathon — 2:05:53, 9:36 pacerace report

25 JUN 2011 :: Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon — 2:06:16, 9:37 pace race report

30 OCT 2011 :: Marine Corps Marathon… this never happened! read here.


2 thoughts on “Races

  1. You are going to run the Marine Corp Marathon. I am not running this year but I am running in 2012. That will be my first Marathon. I am hoping to run with my retired marine brother. I am a veteran of the USN..And this race looks awesome. Good Luck with your training!

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