Second Pregnancy

This is where you can find updates [probably more than you want] of how my running is going during my second pregnancy. We found out early September, and are due early May 2012. My second trimester started 07 NOV, and my third trimester begins on 06 FEB. I am currently in my 37th week, and final trimester, of my pregnancy.



03 SEP – My longest run was 14 miles held at a 9:55 average pace. They were run at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. At this point, I didn’t reveal on the blog that I was pregnant, because we were waiting to tell people. I can promise you that I was conditioned enough at this point to run the 14 miles, and I kept the heat and hydration issues in check. I was on track for training to run the Marine Corps Marathon, which I did not do.

10 SEP – Again, the longest run was 14 miles, this time at a 9:45 average pace. The only issue I had was minor left knee pain. The temperatures were MUCH lower, and the humidity was basically non existent. Also done in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

From here on, I was back at Fort Lewis, Washington and managed two 3 mile runs before a three week long hiatus. I took a break because I was constantly exhausted, felt weak, and could barely stay up past 7 pm.

During the month of October, I had a measly 17 miles. I had excellent runs, with my pace being an average 9:16. The furthest I went was 5 miles that month. I did have an amazing run in late October, and everything felt just right.

In November, I had yet to get my energy back. Things also picked up a little for work [I freelance] and the Pacific Northwest weather had me acting like a total pansy! I was/am also chasing around a 2 year old and maneuvering my way through Army-wife-life, during my runs I was/am also pushing a running stroller with a 2 year old and her million counterparts, it is quite a challenge that gives my upper body a workout as well.

At the start of December, at 18 weeks, I had a great run but also really started feeling the pregnancy affecting my run. Round ligament pain, and tender joints made me run a little cautiously, but I managed to keep a 9:17 pace for 6 miles. I’m ecstatic at how this run went, and look forward to more of these in the future!

During the Christmas break [weeks 20-22] , I was lucky enough to continue my running in both North Carolina and Ohio while visiting family. In the duration of the visits, I noticed that my belly definitely ‘popped’ and getting my runs started takes a little more time, with the first mile hovering around a 10 minute mile pace before finally settling into a 9:30ish pace. My weight is starting to creep up as well, and I am definitely slowing down. Mentally, this is a little hard to deal with, but I have to keep reminding myself to not push it too hard!

Around the 25th week mark, I started having odd pains and cramps while running. I took a small break from running until I could get to my doctor, who then assured me everything was fine, and to up my water intake. I was thrilled, but when I tried going out two days later the cramps/contractions returned. In my 26th week I was struggling to find the mental motivation to run, and slowly came to the realization that I should be happy I’m doing anything at this stage in pregnancy.

In entering my 33rd week of pregnancy, I realized that my running days were dwindling. Baby boy was making things quite uncomfortable, and walking around the house seemed to take it out of me. I did yoga as much as I could, and ventured out for a run/walk when I felt like it.

I “officially” decided to stop running at 36 weeks, and you can read why here. From there on, I decided to just keep a decent activity level, which in my mind translates too just getting things done around the house and napping while my daughter naps…


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