Running During Pregnancy

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Hi there! I just want to start off by saying this is a never ending work in progress!

If you have stumbled upon this by Googling “running while pregnant”, please know that this was/is my personal experience while running pregnant. I am not, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be, an elite runner – BUT I was running prior to my pregnancies. The second you get a positive reading on your pregnancy test, is NOT the time to start a running regimen. Sorry!

This section of my blog is to document my journey during my pregnancies to 1) continue my love for running 2) keep fit. I was/am blessed with Doctors that encouraged me to continue my running, and I urge you to consult with your medical professionals to make sure you’re ok with running while pregnant. All of this said, I was also blessed with an amazing 1st pregnancy, with zero complications, and it looks as though this 2nd pregnancy is following that lead.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep a running log until after I had my daughter in September of 2009, so runs during that pregnancy are a little sketchy. This second pregnancy is totally different, and you will probably be bored to tears with information. Winking smile

This is also where you will find my path to bouncing back after my first pregnancy [and I vow to do that after this one arrives in May 2012]. Life was also a bit crazy then, as my Husband enlisted in the military, we moved 3 times in a year, and I was training for a half marathon while working full time and raising a daughter!

And of course, I have to shamelessly plug this, but here’s an article that a local paper did on me during my efforts.

I hope you can relate to some of these posts, and here are more links to running pregnant mommas.

Schmitt Happens

Mile Posts

Twins? Yes that’s Right!


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