Thawing Out 

Ohio. What gives. It was 53 when I stepped off this morning. TOO COLD. 

Anyway, today marked the first long of Marine Corps Marathon training. I would love to say it was effortless and serene, complete with whistling birds and loving deer that came out to cheer me on in all of their Bambi eyed splendor. Buuuuut it wasn’t. 

If I could just interject and give a solid piece of advice… it would be to not spend 5+ hours on a riding lawn mower the night before a run. Yesterday I was careful to hydrate well, and eat correctly (read: no Mexican food, or mystery Indian dishes) BUT I didn’t expect the whiplash from the mower. I woke up at 5 this morning with a killer headache, and pain radiating from the back of my skull down to my shoulders. I popped some Ibuprofen, applied heat, and went back to bed for an hour. Those 60 minutes made a huge difference, and while I’m still feeling twinges here and there, things are better. 

The run itself, besides physical ailments, was great. I found a local bike trail, ran to it, meandered around, then headed home. I only had six miles to do today, so I’m looking forward to covering more on the trail as the miles get longer. It’s funny, running six miles in San Antonio meant staying within city limits. Here, if I went six miles in any direction, there’s a chance I would end up in another town – where we live is the epitome of the term ‘one horse town’ and I love it. 

Roaring semi trucks and screaming motorcycles have been replaced with the sound of far off braying donkeys or crowing roosters. Instead of breathing in exhaust, I stepped out and took in the morning dew air. Nary a meth needle was to be found, in fact I found a NICKEL. I was pretty excited about that, my brother in law and his wife search for change during their runs to donate annually. In fact, the speedy better half (sorry, B) was even featured in a podcast recently about it. I’ll have to get their totals, it’s pretty impressive. 

As with every run I do, they were purposeful in that I am remembering the honor and sacrifice of the American military and their families. Today I ran for the following individuals:

Marine 2nd LT. Ryan Leduc, KIA 24SEP2004. Marine LCPL Ramon Mateo, KIA 24SEP2004. Army SGT David Johnson, KIA 25SEP2004. Army SPC Clifford Moxley, Jr, KIA 25SEP2004. Army SPC Robert Oliver Unruh, KIA 25SEP2004. Army CPT Eric Allton, KIA 26SEP2004. 

May their sacrifice never be forgotten, and that their families find peace. 

Thawing Out 

And So It Goes

Marine Corps Marathon training runs one and two have both been completed. 

For whatever reason, I envisioned training for this race kicking off with  grandiose celebration; a banner, confetti and champagne. I cannot comprehend WHY my brain is so adamant about celebrating every run from here on out. Silly, considering I am not doing anything special, or different. The shoes are the same, the route is semi-similar, and I haven’t purchased exciting clothes for it (yet.) I really cannot stress enough how important this marathon is to me, and to the group of Gold Start Family members that I’m running with. 

My excitement Monday was short lived with a brush of possible heat exhaustion. I wish I could say I’m trying to be funny, but the signs were all there. I have seemingly forgotten how HUMID Ohio can be – sure, Oklahoma was hot and challenging in it’s own way… though I lived in Ohio for however many years, I was apparently immune to it. From there, I ran in San Antonio which was basically like running on a Tarmac in July at noon ALL THE TIME. Then back to Ohio, and off to Oklahoma for the first time, which enslaved me to a treadmill thanks to a record winter. Then, off to a runner’s oasis, the Pacific Northwest. I truly did not take complete advantage of the conditions of the Tacoma area. Then, it was off again to Oklahoma, for three years, which was worse than San Antonio running in that a hair dryer was constantly blowing in your face at about 50 mph. 

I don’t know why I’m droning on and on about all this. 

My second run, today, was great – I did half mile fartleks, and I managed to average negative splits the whole time. The humidity was lower than Monday, as well as the temperature – win/win. I felt pretty weightless today, for having run later in the afternoon. Though I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, I would much rather run in the morning. Waiting until the end of the day has the potential for disaster; hydration issues, t-ball practice runs late, not fueling enough, etc. Let alone having to run in the heat of the day.  

I have one more three miler, then my long run of six this weekend. To say I am excited about my long run is an understatement! I am currently searching out routes with hills, since the route I  typically run is incredibly flat. The gym we go to blesses the parents with an option of an outdoor run within a mile radius, which beats the treadmill ANY day of the week, but the elevation on it resembles Kansas countryside – you could watch your dog run away for three days… 

Until my next running post, I might throw in a writing prompt blog post, so be prepared to ignore it. Just like you ignore the blog. 


And So It Goes

Stodgy Sunday

Before I begin, I would like to confirm that the Komodo Dragon foot was indeed a goose foot. Canadian goose, to be exact. Thank you, Sgt. Corcoran and the Brookville Police Department. Not embarrassing, whatsoever.


Summer break has such hope at the start, does it not? Kids gradually begin to sleep in a bit, bed times waver, and tan lines bestow themselves on tiny bodies that seem to have boundless energy. After a few weeks, the once exciting moments have turned into mundane activities, leaving kids and parents of the like pretty bored. Luckily, we have managed to escape this, for the most part.

However, as a stay at home mom, it can become quite terrifying. I am an advocate in ‘letting’ my kids get bored; maps to far off lands are soon drawn, forts are made of pillows, and books or puzzles are finally cracked open. Typically, once the kids busy themselves, I scramble to get things done. Today, I did about six loads of laundry, cleaned the fridge, vacuumed the car, etc. Fulfilling, but we all know how annoyingly complacent I quickly become when I don’t have variety in my life.


I get bored with running when I am not training. I become  annoyed walking into the weight room without a plan. If a book/magazine/movie isn’t riveting enough from the get-go, it’s abandoned with disgust until it can be donated. Yoga, meditation and writing – if I don’t have enough variation, I stop practice for months on end because I become that discouraged. But why am I like this?? Are these not things I absolutely enjoy? I realize I need to work on this… is that what patience is??! HA!

I found a writing prompt PDF that I think I might partake in. I hate being told what to do, especially with something so visceral to me as writing is. I need to write, but I don’t always have something to say; writer’s block is real and if personified I would throat chop the bejesus out of it. Which makes this challenge perfect. That reminds me that I need to update my reading challenge, but that’s for another day!

Marathon training officially starts this week, so I will try and keep the worthless banter to a minimum. This week I have three, three mile runs and a long run of six. Interspersed, I have two Nike Training Club workouts, and I want to try and wake up early for yoga daily. I absolutely loved doing that, and why I stopped I’ll never know. 

… so who’s calling me this week to make sure that happens?! 


This week I am also fully focused on some wear blue news that I’ll disclose once I know more! Until then… this ice cream won’t eat itself…

Stodgy Sunday

Dear Dog (not running related, also a lot of cussing)

Dear Canine.

Newsflash, but you can sometimes be an asshole. Generally, you are an amazing dog who has done great with training so far. Sure, you get super excited with new people at jump up on them. Naturally, you get pissed off sometimes at being ‘locked up’ and you tear apart a non-suspecting toilet paper roll and shower mats. You like to annoy your other pet mates, but you do not realize they have about zero shits patience in dealing with a six month old, but I love you and you’re my buddy.

Since moving out to our five acre oasis, you have run to your heart’s content, doubled your appetite, and are supremely happy. You accompany me in mowing, poking around the barn, and sitting on the deck.

HOWEVER. HOW-FUCKING-EVER, we have all been surprised by your affinity for DEAD SHIT. You have somehow maneuvered 217,800 feet so intently that you have treated chicken and snake carcasses as chew toys. We quickly learned our lesson in not apprehending you, as you make a game of it and BOLT with your masticated dead shit, as if we were trying to play chase.

By the way, why IS it, that you only want to play chase when you have a rotting form of deceased animal hanging from your smiling jowls? Why can’t you just play fetch with a tennis ball, like millions of canines before you? Could you possibly look into doing something CUTE with all of this energy, like doggie flips off the deck or picking mulberries for me? To say where are slightly taken a-fucking-BACK by this atrocious habit is an understatement.

Cue to the morning of June 16th. I was enjoying my coffee, chatting with my son, before I let the animals out. (sidenote: the cat now goes outside. yes, the asshole cat that ran away for three days, and came back to us BATHED and fed… yes, the same asshole cat that DEMANDS we let him inside to use the litter box) Once the animals were done feasting, you, DEAR DOG, decided you wanted to go back out – as a surprise to NO ONE.  However, you piqued my interest when you BOLTED for something you clearly left on the patio. I am now coining this particular type of sprint as the DEATH BOLT.

I will say this – thank you for not bringing it inside. I suppose it’s only a matter of time, but seriously, expect me to fully lose my shit and possibly sell the house when that happens.

I yanked you back in, knowing full well that in the short 13 days we’ve been here, that your BOLTING is never good news. Quickly after exiting the threshold of the door, I’m met with rotting-dead-flesh smells. Groaning, I go back inside for sterile gloves, a MOPP suit, gas mask and a bowl of acid to dispose of whatever the fuck it is.

Much to my surprise, I FIND THIS.


what. in. the. SHIT. is. THIS.


APPARENTLY, I HAVE A FUCKING KOMODO DRAGON LIVING/SLOWLY DYING/DEAD UNDER MY PORCH. What?! HOW?! WHY?!?! This reptilian like talon will be haunting me in my dreams. Typically, surprises from nature are turned into homeschooling lessons. NOT TODAY. NOT FUCKING

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be calling Chris Pratt to get his advice on dealing with fucking dinosaurs.

— I’m being told this is an alligator foot. Which… WHAT. I’m not by a creek, lake, or any body of water. DID IT HAVE BABIES. WHERE IS IT FROM. WHY MY DECK. After a quick Google search, I’m finding they can live in the area. WELL CALL THE INFANTRY, MOMMA DON’T PLAY THAT SHIT.

Dear Dog (not running related, also a lot of cussing)


Well, we’ve partially moved, and I finally got around to hooking up the internet. I feel drunk with power. I went from barely googling and scanning social media to having it ALL at my disposal. And, I had the foresight to bring my keyboard. Way to go, past self. For once, you pulled through!

On to more important things… last night I had a conference call with the majority of the group that I am running Marine Corps with. In addition to the wonderful mix of spouses and parents, there are six other siblings, a number I didn’t expect to be so high. Being a Gold Star sibling is a bit of a paradox. Not to sound a bit obnoxious, but the general consensus within the GS community is that no one really thinks of us. We often find ourselves grieving alone, for various reasons; we don’t want to upset our parents, and while we have known our sibling since birth (either ours, or theirs) the bond is very different. It’s a strange position to be in, but the group I am very humbled to be with will absolutely become my rock for the next few months, I can already feel it. I had goosebumps the entire 51 minutes and 4 seconds of the phone call.

Running here is underway. Moving didn’t really mess up the schedule too much, and we are SO beyond blessed to have my parents here. The local Y also has childcare available, AND there are about 9 other branches I can choose from as well. It’s crazy. There is also a trail system here that winds to, from, and between Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. If you’re not familiar with Southwest Ohio geography (how dare you), think of Dayton being the central locality and the other two towns an hour away. It’s glorious to be able to chose from those trails, and the local trailhead is ‘just in town’ which is amazing. 

We are so overwhelmed with gratitude and jubilation. We haven’t even been here a week, yet I feel like I have known this house and property for years. Hopefully soon I’ll make an entire blog post about it. Until then, I have to email the previous owners and thank them endlessly for the love they poured into the home. No, I’m not kidding.

Until then, here are some pictures from around the place.






Where Did I Leave Off?

I apologize if the format of this is seventy kinds of jacked up, as I’m blogging from a new tablet and I am too lazy don’t know how to fix it promise to fix it later.

You know it’s bad when in a separate tab I had to open my blog to see what I had going on last.

Apparently I was being super dramatic about having to stay in town longer. Yes, the town in which their Twitter page literally calls it the Shady 580. I’d go and search for it, but I cannot be bothered to care that much, so you will have to take my word for it.


Long story short, we have about 11 days left in town. Remember the house I thought was perfect, then bought out from under us? WELL, we found an even MORE perfect property, even closer to home.


But of course, with the new timeline, it messes up the Seattle plans. Originally I was going alone, for literally 72 hours. However, now that we’ll be in Ohio, and with possible caregivers being out of town – not possible. And, I cannot count on the Army side to not leave me in the dark as well, especially since a lot of the issues are medical based.

As far as MCM goes, I’m looking at a Higdon plan, but not really sweating it just yet. I have found a perfect half in Dublin (Emerald City Half) that fits into the schedule nicely. In the meantime, I’m building a great base, and more surprisingly I am managing to balance yoga and cross-training as well. These days cross-training consists of swimming and pretend cycling, but I really want nothing more than to deadlift a baby buffalo right now. In due time. Right now my focus is on the Memorial Day Pledge Run, in which I have pledged to run 8 miles.

While this update was short, I will do my best to update from the road!

Where Did I Leave Off?

More OSMs, ho hum.

Yes folks, even more Oh Shit Moments*.

I found out last week that I am going to have the honor of wearing blue, again, at the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I will be running with 14 other Gold Star family members as a part of their Gold Star Race Program. When I entered my submission, I didn’t think there was a chance at all that I would get it. If you’ve been reading this blog, or have known me, for any amount of time – you’d know that MCM has been a nemesis of sorts. Long story short: the race has eluded me twice now, and THIS is going to be it! Being a Gold Star family member is odd… we are not a coveted group that everyone hopes to be a part of. It’s a support system built on grief, tears, anger, and eventually hope and understanding. I’m excited, though it’s bittersweet. Hard to explain…


Aside from that, life has been chugging along. The kids and I went to Ohio to look at houses, and we found the PERFECT place. Literally, 12 acres of angels singing, cherubs flying to and fro, summer kitchens and badass* EVERYTHING because it was built in 1830… we could not have picked a better property. In fact it was so amazing that it was bought out from under us, mere hours before an offer was submitted on our part. To say I’m devastated is an understatement. But, shit* happens.


We’re thinking about staying in Oklahoma a bit longer, which in all honesty makes me want to scream obscenities from “Mt.” Scott, but I suppose it wouldn’t be all that bad. I do have a great group of friends and although they are dwindling faster than Europe in 1350 (hint :: black plague) and I’m very grateful for them. And, if you’re in that group, and you’re reading this, prepare for me to become VERY clingy. I should probably clarify, my friends aren’t dying in mass groups, they’re just moving because the Army clearly hates me.


I think that’s it for now. I apologize for not reading/interacting much on other blogs – ever since the Reader was rendered inop (what like four years now), I haven’t found a decent replacement. Suggestions?

* sorry mom

More OSMs, ho hum.