** For the Fallen **

I am running, and dedicating, a mile for every casualty the United States Military suffered during multiple operations in the past 15 years our Nation has been at war. Here you can find my entire documentation for this endeavor. I try to research every name, to get a personal look into the lives of those killed in action. There are times where I will have simple, 3 mile runs. In these instances, I will try and share what I have found on the individuals that I have run for. I will honor these men and women to the best of my ability, and I mean no disrespect with the lack of information that I post.

If there is a loved one, family member, or friend that you would like to add a special mention for, please feel free to email me at nhopkins7@live.com. Keep in mind that I am starting in 2001, so it might take a while to show, but I will get there.


To see my runs for those killed in action in the year 2003, click on the corresponding month of their death ::

January   February  March

I would like to take this moment to apologize. This project was intended to be updated with every daily run. Unfortunately, life is crazy and time-wise, this request just is not feasible. I will now continue this project on a monthly basis, and please understand that I by no means want to disrespect the fallen. I do NOT want to do a simple copy and paste job, as I feel that would take away from this experience. There are just so many names…

However, throughout the month I do update an Excel sheet, and I will be posting this on a regular basis.


3 thoughts on “** For the Fallen **

  1. this is such an amazing dedication and honor. You’ve read my pre-NYC 1/2 marathon blog… every run I do, my head ends up in a place where I am just reflecting on all of the men and women who have sacrificed. I run for them. Maybe my runs can make up the difference from where you started… because unfortunately, we are losing more all the time… it’s just buried in the press. =(

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