Yoga, Wetlands, Gunshots and Chocolate Milk

Yoga :: Folks. If you are the least bit interested in yoga, which you should be, because it’s great for runners… please please please look into YogaGlo. They give you a free 15 days before billing you $18 per month. Now, here in Oklahoma, prices at local studios are maybe $10, so with just two online classes in pays for itself. I know in ‘trendier’ parts of the country, classes are way more expensive… anyway, I had cancelled my membership, but emailed the fine folks at YogaGlo with some questions about reactivating my service, because I decided I wanted to come back. Welp. They activated my account immediately, and gave me 30 free days. I was floored. There really are good people in the world! This might sound like nothing to you, but it was a very generous and heartwarming thing for me, and YogaGlo can count on my business for as long as I’m able to do yoga.

So, so happy.

Let me backtrack a bit – yesterday, I was more than mentally amped for a 5 miler. Though it was raining, the temps were in the mid 50s and I knew I could keep W’s interest. However, I woke up with random front knee pain that kept bugging me throughout the day, so I decided against the run, instead doing yoga during little man’s naptime. Which, I was thrilled for, because of the reactivation and all. I searched through the classes and found a knee-friendly one, and the whole purpose of the class was to recognize problematic poses for the knee and how to limit yourself in doing them. I was humbled. I thought I was getting ‘the perfect stretch’, when in all actuality I was harming my knees by hyper-rotating them. Who hurts themselves doing yoga?! I do. So glad to know it wasn’t running that made them ache Smile


UGH, jurisdictional wetlands, the worst kind of wetlands out there. Sitting there, all jurisdictional and shit.

“Wetlands” :: Which takes me back to today – mid 60s, sunny, and ideal weather for a run around base. 4 simple miles, and I pushed myself to where it was challenging; maybe a ‘short sentence’ conversational pace. I didn’t check my watch the entire run, and adjusted pace to how I felt, paying attention to my knees – 8:59 average. This might not sound impressive to you… but I am beyond thrilled. In case you weren’t aware, I come from years of 10:00/mile pace, unless I had a PT test and had to push it. The Air Force Base here has a great little trail system that goes throughout numerous neighborhoods, wrapping amongst wilderness/’wetlands’, and around the flightline.


Gunshots :: The paved trail also went around a small arms firing range, which was STRANGE to run around, considering that there was live fire just a few feet away from me. Stuff like that will definitely make you speed up a bit, and it stretched along a decent course of the run – impromptu tempo run, for sure. I didn’t have headphones in, but I guarantee you would have been able to hear it, even with your music at it’s loudest. I knew shots weren’t being fired at me, but hearing them outside of physically being at the firing range was pretty surreal. Note to self: get back to the range.

Chocolate milk :: Coming back, I knew I had to get dinner going, and for one reason or another I was craving chocolate milk. So much so, that I got in the car and physically went to the store to get some. It was the oddest thing, and I think I have chocolate milk maybe once a year. If that. the second I got back, I chugged that thing before I even put random perishables away. It truly was the weirdest thing, and I hope this isn’t a trend.


Someone please explain to me what a ‘new age drink’ is…

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying the weekend, and that your weather is treating you nicely. Smile

Yoga, Wetlands, Gunshots and Chocolate Milk

Happy Friday Eve!


The past couple of days have been busy! Yesterday I had a 3.5 mile single stroller run with this little man. I absolutely love running with him. Well, with both of the kids, really. Though he refuses to talk, as a family we have gotten pretty good at deciphering his caveman way of communication. There’s a grunt for “LOOK!”, “I’m hungry”, “Get me out of this carseat”, “I’m tired”… there’s even a special one for “my water is stuck”. This all makes an appearance during a run, and yesterday was no different. Naturally it was windy and cold, but that didn’t stop us. I booked during a majority of the run – I had a brilliant idea of wandering down what I thought would be a desolate road, but in turn was actually an industrial road leading to various construction sites and the post dump. So, not your typical Prius puttering by you, more like 18 wheelers scaring the ever living SHIT out of you. W loved it though, he would let out a big, excited “whoooooooooooooa”-ish type sound every time one went by. The run was humbling, especially when I was struggling up a hill and happened to see a fellow preschool mom. Sigh. I never see anyone when I’m rocking the track workout, but sure, half dead and moving at a snail’s pace, why not. Smile

20140109_122606 (1)

Today I managed to get in some decent yoga time. A month or so ago I decided to cancel my YogaGlo subscription (…only $18 a month… sigh) to save us some money, but in retrospect I am totally kicking myself for doing that. I’ve somehow managed to find decent free sessions on YouTube, but I really liked YogaGlo. I might have to go back, as I desperately miss my Jo Tastula therapy sessions. I did the runner’s sequence and some spine twists that really helped open my back up. I don’t know if it is my posture or what, but my back has been hurting like crazy lately.

Another round of “Would You Rather” from Olive to Run Smile 

Would you rather…  run with one of your ancestors or your role models? Ancestors, hands down! I love anything to do with genealogy, and would be so fascinated to see a glimpse of where I came from.  
Would you rather…  run a race that is a few hour drive but in a beautiful location or in your city with a short drive? Total mom answer – depends on the kids. 5 hour drive to a winery? No. Princess Dash here in town? Of course! I’d probably chose city because I’m frugal like that…
Would you rather… take an ice bath for a half hour or foam roll for a half hour? Foam roll. It’s a necessary evil. I actually don’t mind ice baths, but 30 minutes of one sounds like more harm than good!
Would you rather… have a black toe nail pulled off or have your entire back chaffed from running and be forced to shower for a hour straight? ARGH. Toe nail – instantly gone is better.
Would you rather… spend an extra $100 a month given to you on running/fitness or save it? Save it. … unless I’m allowed to spend it on the kids.
Would you rather… be known for running the fastest marathon or running the longest distance at one time? Longest distance. Because that means more food…
Would you rather… have your medal handed to you by Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan? Kara!
Would you rather… lick someone else’s armpit after a marathon, or lick their foot after a marathon? Sorry, throwing in the towel. If I even envision that, I’ll start puking.

Happy Friday Eve!


There are times in life when you can choose to what degree you push yourself out of your comfort zone. As a child, jumping off the diving board for the first time was exhilarating, yet a common practice by the end of summer. When you are a teen, the first time you took the wheel was panic inducing, but the hours go on and eventually you think back fondly of those white-knuckle-gripping-the-steering-wheel days. A runner can have a love hate relationship with speed work – hating the process yet reaping the rewards in a PR. You think that as an adult, things set themselves in place, with little wiggle room. Alas, life laughs at you, throwing curveballs. From there, you face them head on, or with resistance; but odds are you make it to the other side. We call these ‘experiences’ and you’re left to look back with your own thoughts, good or bad.


Today as a parent I definitely had a ‘comfort zone’ moment, that I’m sure many of you will roll your eyes at. K started full day school. Now, before you get all “areyouserious” on me, this was a big step for all involved. K is what we can call a ‘highly sensitive child’ which means she needs all the prepping you can give, and this can often immediately lead to either disastrous consequences – or not. To say she loves school is an understatement. Last year she went half days, twice a week and cried every time we left. This year, we opted for half days yet again, but every day, and was thriving. After her mid-year parent/teacher conference, her teacher asked if we would consider sending her all day, because she felt as though K was not only ready, but that she would flourish. I knew that in the back of my mind, she was SO incredibly ready. For example, she asks to do school work all the time. She is always sounding things out, practicing letters, and dabbling in math. Rational was clouded by the fact that “She’s my BABY!!!!” and my thought process couldn’t help but get stuck at “this is the last big school step.” I know, I’m lame. But from here on out, she’ll be going to school all day, every day. Until College. Huge sigh.  I can do this.

With this said, I do get plenty of ‘found’ time with W. As I sit here typing, he is able to get an uninterrupted nap, something I don’t think he’s had regularly his entire life. I am also excited to start some things with him – counting, playing with blocks, shapes, and some speech work. We have already had an amazing day, and I know he will appreciate the time together as well. During his nap, I’ve also managed to do some “preventative maintenance” yoga. I highly recommend this video for all runners. Again, a comfort zone thing. I pushed a bit, and the benefit is that I sit here adequately stretched. My favorite part? The IT Band stretch. Mine is very cranky, and gets pissed off when I do anything remotely active, so you better believe I’ll be doing this video multiple times over. This is, hands down, the best IT Band stretch I have ever done – it can be found at the 18:00 minute mark.


I initially wanted to hit the gym today but NO WAY am I going out in the cold weather – I’ve done enough comfort zone pushing today and below freezing temperatures might send me into a blind rage. Grumpy Cat tells my exact feelings on the current weather conditions.



No, not Chaka Khan.

More like, chakras, in yoga.

In layman’s terms, chakras are seven energy ‘centers’ located throughout your body. Each of these chakras can be open, under active, or over active. This website will give you a rundown on what not only each chakra is, but will also describe how you use [or don’t use] your energies. Fun part? There’s a QUIZ. Lunch break? Rainy day? Killing time at the Doctor’s office? Just humor yourself and take the quiz! There’s about 50 questions, but I promise they are all painless and simple to answer. I fell into the trap of thinking about the questions too much, because there are times where I “definitely rely on the insight of someone else” – so long as that someone else is my husband or family member, not so much a bum off the street. So, take the quiz with a grain of salt, but you might just learn something about yourself. I’ll share my results here, since you are all strangers and can laugh at me through the safety of your computer screen. Smile 


Root “being physically there and feeling at home in situations” :: Underactive. This means I tend to be fearful or nervous and I easily feel unwelcome. I will admit that I can relate to this. Sure, I have my worries and anticipation about the future, like any other person. In the past year or so I have been focusing on becoming a more positive person, so I would like to think that I’m changing this. However, I do feel easily unwelcome in new or large gatherings. The first run group I went to, I about turned around and went back home. The first “Spouse’s coffee” we had for my husband’s work about sent me into an anxiety attack… So yeah, needless to say, you won’t be finding me at Times Square on New Year’s any time soon.

Sacral “about feeling and sexuality” :: Underactive. The site says I tend to be stiff and unemotional or have a "poker face," and that I am not very open to people. I have been told by numerous friends that when they first met me they thought I was a jerk because I kept to myself a lot. So, yes, around people I don’t know, I do tend to keep a ‘poker face’, but around those I feel like I can be ‘real’ around, the emotions definitely flow.

Navel “about asserting yourself in a group” :: Apparently SUPER underactive. I am probably timid and don’t get what you want, am passive and indecisive. Ouch. Dead on. Get me in a group, and I’ll be the little follower in the back row, wondering what the hell I’m doing there. My husband, however, would be the one organizing everything from fire escape routes to pizza parties.  I have always had a notion that I am better off either by myself or an intimate group of people, and this proves me right!

Heart “about love, kindness and affection” :: Open. I am compassionate and friendly, and work at harmonious relationships. So, basically, if you get past my ‘stranger danger’ barrier, you have it made because I’ll be your friend for life. I think this explains why I have a very select few best friends, as opposed to an entire mass of people I ‘kind of’ know.

Throat “about self-expression and talking” :: Open. I have no problems expressing myself, and might be doing so as an artist. Whoa. “Artist”? I can barely draw a stick figure. But get me riled up on a certain subject, and I do better writing my feelings and emotions down, than I do saying them out loud. As a kid I dreamed about writing books for a living, but instead I just have my lowly little blog in the corner of the internet Smile 

Third Eye “insight and visualization” :: *this has always been my favorite chakra* Open, which means I have good intuition but may tend to fantasize. Ah yes. Daydreaming is my middle name, although its not so out of control that realism doesn’t seep in there as well. I like to think myself as a very intuitive person, and yes, I am one of those weirdos that can ‘just tell’ when things are going to happen. During meditation, I will sometimes focus on my Third Eye and just get lost in the nothingness. Love it. Honestly, I’m not surprised that I scored ‘highest’ on this chakra.

Crown “wisdom and being one with the world” :: Open. I am unprejudiced and quite aware of the world and myself. I firmly believe this correlates with my Third Eye chakra. The self awareness is there, and I hate not knowing what is going on around me. I will admit that I haven’t always been this way, and I have molded myself to have more situational awareness. Back in the day, I *may* have bought a car with manual transmission car without knowing how to drive it… not because I was too stupid to realize it, I just figured I would learn to drive it on the way home… longest car ride ever, and I only stalled twice.

What were your results?

If you didn’t take the quiz, what do you think your strongest chakra would be? Weakest?

Or are you a realist that believes this is all hippie crap? don’t be afraid to admit this – I was in that boat once, but that’s for a different post Smile


Don’t You Just Hate it When…

You get all amped up for something and nature takes you in a completely different direction?

Exciting news first — I got an email earlier today from the official post newspaper wanting to interview me about running through my pregnancy. How cool is that!? They are *technically* my paper’s ‘nemisis’ but I cleared it with my editor already and the interview is set up for Wednesday! I’m giddy about it, is that weird? Its going to be different being on the ‘other side’ of the notebook Winking smile

ANYWAY, I’ve been looking forward to the 21 day Yoga Journal Challenge for weeks now. Reading back on the old posts got me pumped about the challenge, and I reminisced a bit about our time at Ft. Sill. The 3 mile loop, the crazy steep hill at All American Blvd., the second most demanding run of my life, trips to Oklahoma City, and the little natural health food store that I dearly miss. Hard to believe that a YEAR ago we didn’t even have official word that we would even be stationed at Fort Lewis!! That is downright bananas.

This morning was ordinary; research for work, play with the kid, yadda yadda, until lunch with a friend. I haven’t seen my friend since right after Thanksgiving so catching up with her was a blast – our husbands work together, so an added bonus was talking about what the guys have coming up, as well as plans for the Ball that we’re attending next month. [ps – military ball = me, 7 months pregnant, in heels. let that sink in for a second. it will be interesting.] But, I made the mistake of getting Chinese food. I will never learn. I always say I’m never going to eat Chinese again, and this time I mean it – and to think I tried to play it safe with vegetable fried rice!! My stomach is insanely bloated, it hurts to slouch [I know I shouldn’t be…], there are some unmentionable things going on, and the thought of getting some yoga in right now makes me queasy. I can’t help but think that 1) there was something glutenous [a term my husband likes to use so much] in my dish, or… 2) I have an underlying sensitivity to something else. If its #1, I am more sensitive to gluten than I thought, but if its #2, then I have some more issues to figure out. *sigh* I promise I’m not 92.

So there you have it. Day One of the Challenge is so far a big fat goose egg, but there is still time in the day. Who knows, you might have a recap of the day’s yoga anyway. I know the sequence is meant to be a gentle morning sequence, which means I might yoga-fy my bones before bedtime. Until then, enjoy some pictures the kiddo took at lunch!


she’s  a foodie already.


born to be a blogger – look at all of those self portraits!

Don’t You Just Hate it When…

21 day Yoga Journal Challenge 2012

My 2011 recap may or may not ever happen, but I DO look forward to 2012. We’ll have a new addition to the family, the Husband will be making numerous strides in his career, and I anticipate bouncing back after giving birth and finally running the marathon distance [if not longer].

These are all milestones that will be reached during various parts of the year, I do have something to look forward to during this upcoming week! Yoga Journal has posted that their 21 day challenge that starts January 9th, and I am beyond excited. I did this last year and I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. This time around I’ll ‘beware of the belly’ and definitely take measures to keep both baby and I safe.

If you are interested in joining me, you can sign up here. They have beginner and intermediate options, and…

…include[s] a daily video, weekly meditations, and daily newsletters with practice tips and recipes. Plus, all participants can set goals and track their progress, either solo or in teams, to keep motivated

Again, this starts on the 9th, so you have until next Monday to sign up 🙂

21 day Yoga Journal Challenge 2012

Resolutions of the Running Sort

– I’m writing this blog post to escape reality for a bit. Its Saturday night, and my husband is flipping channels between a political debate and horribly crude/raunchy stand up comedy. Bleh.

– Also, he is paying way more attention to the dogs than to me which really ticks me off because they don’t fold his laundry or make him dinner. To pour salt on the wound, I’m the one vacuuming up their hair on a daily basis. *pout*[he would like me to add that he did the dishes tonight. points for him.]

– I might be a little lot cranky because I didn’t run this morning [my own dang fault] and I had some questionable Chinese food earlier that is messing with me hardcore.

So, I’m taking a page [or six] from Runner’s World, and giving my personal take on their 12 Running Resolutions. Find it online, here. Granted, I’ll be out of commission from ‘racing’ for a few months, but I believe some of these can still apply to me.

1) Race Farther. Definitely want to do this next year. I would like to run my ever elusive marathon by the end of the year. As I’ve said numerous times before, I would eventually love to run ultras. I believe that this will happen in due time; maybe once the kids are a little older and I have more time. We’ll see.

2) Try Yoga. While I already do yoga, I wouldn’t mind actually getting into a studio and practicing more often.

3) Lose 10 Pounds For Good. This applies to me somewhat. I’ll have pregnancy weight to get rid of, and I wouldn’t mind getting below my pre-pregnancy weight of 130. I’m 5’6 – But do I want to get to 120? I honestly don’t know. 130 is the lowest I’ve ever weighed [other than weighing 124 due to morning sickness, but I don’t count that] and I don’t know how my body will perform at this weight. If 120 is in the cards – I want it to be a healthy 120.

4) Be More Consistent.  Um, yeah. I can use all the help I can get. Maybe I can aim at getting a group together for speed work or a hill workout during the week. Our run group typically does this during their training season; but I want to keep doing this even in the off season.

5) Try A Triathlon. Not. ever. happening. Sorry Maggs, please don’t hate me. The closest I’ll ever get to a triathlon is watching Ironmans on TV/web. Why? They scare the crap out of me in the most nonsensical ways ever. I can swim, no problem. Swimming in a HUGE crowd gives me anxiety, and don’t even get me started on the peeing in the water thing. The bike? I can’t cycle for the life of me. Sure, I’ll go to spin and leave puddles of sweat on the floor; but taking a turn in a group of others on a bike and the thought of possibly kissing pavement gives me goosebumps.

6) Win A Medal. I never even entertained this idea, I’ll be honest. I have always been a middle of the pack runner, and I didn’t start clocking decent speed work until I [barely] dabbled in it before I got pregnant. Granted, this speed work was decent for ME, but nowhere near decent enough to win medals. I personally think nabbing a podium spot in my age group would be impossible… but crazier things have happened.

7) Try Real Trail Running. I love trail running, this is no secret. To get ‘lost’ in the switchbacks amongst the leaves and creeks just fills me with so much peace. *sigh* I won’t do my normal trail running while pregnant, but I already can’t wait to get back out there.

8) Stop Giving Up. For real, I am my own worst enemy. Take my [lack of] winter running for example.

9) Figure Out My Watch. I flippin, flippin, flippin LOVE my watch. Sure, it might be bigger than my wrist and older than Justin Bieber, but I know my old fail safe Garmin 205 inside and out. Admittedly, I don’t use the extra functions enough, but I am familiar with them.

10) Give Back to the Sport. Whoops. Now I feel guilty and like a bad runner. I’ve never once volunteered at a race. I hope to change this in 2012. Maybe I’ll volunteer at a triathlon and just come full circle with all this.

11) Find More Partners. I have the running buddies, but as I stated above, I just need to get out there with them. There’s also an all womens’ running group that meets during the week, maybe I should join them as well!!

12) Beat My PR. Yes. Absolutely I plan on breaking every PR I currently have. My mile is 8:18. My 5k is 28:46. I don’t really know my 10k PR [I don’t count the only one I had, the conditions were dang near life threatening], with my half marathon PR being 2:05:53. Mark my words, I will have new PRs in 2012. I would like my half time to be under 2 hours, to improve my 5k time by 2 minutes, to not have a 10k haunt me, and of course, run my marathon. The only PR ‘up in the air’ is the mile time, but I wouldn’t mind seeing 7:xx.

So there you have it. We’ll see where 2012 takes me!!

Do you make resolutions at all? What are some for 2012?

Do you watch stand up comedy?

If you read on Twitter that I want Chinese food, will you talk me out of it???

Resolutions of the Running Sort