Checking In

Just wanted to duck in and say a little hello!

I’m not going to lie – I’ve thought about shutting the blog down a few times in the past month. I don’t know if I’ll have time to continue a normal blog once the baby gets here, and to be honest its really nice to not ‘have’ to blog – a notion that lasts a few days/weeks at a time. Who knows though, a few months ago I was working a blog redesign with a friend and planning to move domains and everything… maybe once I am regularly back to running I’ll blog more often, but until then I’ll probably just have random updates whenever. This is a running [ok, and yoga… and ‘mom’…] blog, but one thing I refuse to turn it into is an all out “kid ONLY” blog. I’m not knocking those that have them, but this started as a running/yoga blog, and that’s how I want it to stay. Yes, life dynamics have changed since then, and I want to document the process as I go, but at 33 weeks of pregnancy, I don’t have much “going” on if you know what I mean! I also promise that I’m reading your blogs as well, though I might not always comment!

Right now I am 33 weeks along with little dude, and the running days are officially oooooover. I am thrilled that my body [and baby!] let me run this long – I made it 6 weeks farther than I was able to run during my first pregnancy! My hips and knees ache every morning, as well as my back and while I have been doing yoga almost daily, I can’t just stay in Cow Pose for hours on end. With Waylynn also creating more room for himself, it makes anything more than walking extremely exhausting and I am wiped out just from walking around the house doing chores. Apparently, I am that wimpy pregnant lady!! I also had a “scare” last week where I thought I was having real contractions – they were about a minute long every 4 minutes or so, until I realized they were Braxton Hicks contractions. I never had those with my daughter, so it was quite alarming having to go through that for the first time – after a few glasses of water and moving around a bit they went away, but if that’s not my body telling me to slow down, I don’t know what is.

Congrats to all of those who not only raced this past weekend, but it seems like many of you PR’ed!! That’s pretty exciting, and I’ve loved reading all of your recaps. If you need me, I’ll be getting work done, puttering around the house, entertaining a toddler, and trying not to fall asleep anywhere I sit down for more than 45 seconds. Smile

Checking In

Sunday Funday

Two links, first off:

– My buddy Kevin [who also lets me write for his amazing food blog once a month] posted some deals going on in the Houston area for the Olympic Trails Marathon, or, also known as the Houston Chevron Marathon, to us mere mortals. Show your bib at certain places and you can get up to 50% off of dishes. Winking smile

– In more somber news, Beth at Shut Up & Run posted about a missing friend in Montana. She left her house for a run Saturday morning, and never came back. There are hundreds of volunteers looking for her, and they have only been able to recover her shoe. Let’s all pray for her safe return. Go here for the latest updates and how to help.


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Though I tried to shake it throughout the morning, I just couldn’t help but be irritable, and I knew I needed to get some pavement under my feet. That time came around at 2 pm-ish, and I told my husband I was headed out for ‘6 or 7’, to which he responded with a Raised Eyebrow. What the crap?? Typically I get a ‘ok have a great run’ but never the Raised Eyebrow. I reciprocated with my own Raised Eyebrow, immediately went into Pregnant Lady Defensive Mode, and huffed out an exasperated “WHAT???!!!!???” Naturally, he calmly explained [this part always makes me feel like the immature 5 year old I am] that he wasn’t sure that I should exactly be upping my distance this far into the pregnancy, and that he just wanted me to be careful. Taking this into consideration, albeit slightly annoyed that he was probably right, I planned to do a 3ish mile loop, come back to the house to show him I was still alive, then leave again for another 3ish loop. We agreed that this is what the plan would be, and I went on my merrily little way.

The conditions were perfect. We had sunshine (!!!!!!) it was in the low 50s, and I got away with wearing a running skirt, short sleeves and some arm warmers. I set off for a hillier route than normal, and felt so much happiness towards just running that I thought my heart was going to explode. My turn around point was my husband’s work, where I then started focusing on our earlier conversation.

Bottom line :: I will have time to be selfish, later. Right now, it wouldn’t be very responsible to try and push mileage. Yes, typically, 2 miles longer than your regular runs isn’t  a big deal. But when physical exertion can cause preterm labor and threaten the life of my child… well I think we all know what decision I took here. Instead of testing myself and running the 7ish, I came back winded, exuberant, and with a clear conscience at 4.5 amazing miles.

Sure, I know in my heart that I could have done 2.5 more. But, I also know that I would have been freaking out if Waylynn wasn’t kicking enough, or if I had some weird pain that I had never encountered before. I might get around to running 7 this pregnancy, I might not. As much as I hate to admit it, this is not up to me. I have plenty of miles to cover once he gets here, so why push the envelope now?


PS – there’s still time to sign up for the Yoga Journal 21 Day Challenge. Smile


How was your Sunday? Did you have a long run?

Sunday Funday

Finally at the Computer

This would be me, except I don't look as graceful. Or manly. But that is up for debate.

So like I said last night, I had a long post written up on my phone about the time we’ve spent here so far in North Carolina. I went to add a picture, the phone froze, and *poof* it was gone. Lesson learned. This post will be all about running. Some stuff about pregnancy. Basically yesterday’s post, but in detail.

It sucks to run here! Very challenging, I definitely take the flat roads around my house for granted. For December, it is crazy humid here; something we’re not used too for sure. No big deal, we leave in tomorrow morning, plus as “awful” as the conditions have been, it has also provided a nice change and most definitely a challenge.

I will say this though, it has been downright amazing running with my husband. Typically, this can go one of two ways 1) We will run side by side, look at houses, talk, and catch up. We actually talk about things we used to talk about. Any parent knows that there comes a point in your relationship where it seems all you talk about is the contents of a dirty diaper, or your child’s vocabulary/attitude/sleep habits. Our conversations while running are different, and I love it. 2) He leaves me in the dust, I get pissed and it turns out to be a terrible run because I feel weak and defeated. Honestly, the latter is my own mental block because I know he has a PT test 4 days after we get back, so he needs to be ready for that [even though he blows this out of the water every time…]. He’s also a big strong Army man who can knock out mileage MUCH faster than a heavy, barely-breathing, 5 months pregnant wife struggling up a hill. Again, its all in my head and I am WAY too competitive.

Right now I’m 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I think it would be safe to attribute the difficulty I am having on the runs here to the hills and humidity, because back home runs are still held at a fairly decent pace. I do, however, get some round ligament pain but it is by no means unbearable. Waylynn is also sitting super low. I don’t exactly remember Kara sitting so far down, but I’ll have to check her pregnancy journal. I know that him sitting super low just means … well, that he’s sitting super low… that’s all. I know he’s not going to “fall out”, and nothing dire is going to happen. However, it does make it a bit difficult to run. At this stage, I would compare it too a melon being inserted into your looooower abs, pinning your bladder and other whatnots down there. Its a different sensation, that’s for sure, but again – it might have been more evident because of the general difficulty of the run.

Hilarious side note though; while running I mentioned the oddness of pregnancy quirks, to which my husband replied, “Well, you’re not in LABOR are you???”. I think it was the first time I rolled my eyes during a run. He clearly doesn’t remember how labor went the first time around… too cute. I’ll remind him here in a few months and ask him if he’d like to go for a run.

All righty well I have a ton of work to do today, so I better get at it. We head back to Ohio in the morning, but we’re going to try and squeeze one more run in before we go. I promise not to ramble so much in my next posts…

Finally at the Computer