Big news, cops, and a question for YOU!

workout :: 5.6 miles // 9:25 pace

Where have I been the past few months?! Did August sneak up on anyone else? Geez.

So, big news – We’re moving! Same Army post. In fact, this new house is only a mile and a half away. They’re reallocating our neighborhood into a different rank and they’re giving us the option to move. Considering we’re here for another 12-27 months [depending on Army needs] it will definitely be a quality of life improvement. The house is DOUBLE the size, has air conditioning, a 6 ft. privacy fence, an extra room [translation :: playroom/office nook] and numerous other things that “I JUST LOVE” but can’t remember.

The neighborhood’s ribbon cutting ceremony is tomorrow but I have ZERO patience so I made sure my run today included portions of it. My husband “can’t believe” I went back there because “the signs said AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” but I figured no one would be back there because its the weekend. Little did I know that there was actually a landscaping crew back there, and I took full advantage of the sprinklers since it was 82 at 9 am. Blessing for sure. Well apparently they didn’t like that at all so a half mile into the neighborhood I was told by ‘police enforcement’ [is that really a cop?] to “exit the premises immediately” which I did because I was at my turn around point anyway Smile. I mean seriously, what was I going to do? I’m clearly on a run – would I seriously haul off construction equipment? No. I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it.

Another gem from my run – I stopped into the shoppette [fancy schmancy term for gas station] for a refill on my water and a Soldier turned to me, confused, and said, “you sure look sweaty, are you running or something?”. No. I was at church. ?? They kill me sometimes. Here I tried out some new Honey Stinger chews, which I love. Get this – they love me [me, meaning my stomach] back!

Lastly, because apparently when I’m out running everyone in the world seems to want to comment on my doing so, I saw a few kids and their mom playing out on the front lawn. Kids frolicking, puppy dozing in the shade, mom smoking in her lawn chair [I didn’t know that people still smoked. Kind of thought they got the memo awhile ago…] and as I was running by mom called out to me, “Careful in this heat!! YOU DON’T WANT TO DIE!!!!”. I bit my tongue and thanked her with a smile when on the inside I was being a judgemental snarker and mentally putting her cigarettes in the trash. *sigh*

Anyway, that’s all I have. Life is good. Babies are awesome. The world goes round.

Hey is anyone out there not friends with electrolyte replacement drinks? Both Gu Tabs and Nuun are starting to give my stomach issues and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. It seems as though the older I get the more sensitive my stomach becomes. Think sharp, stabbing gas pains. Sorry, I know, TMI, but it hurts.

Big news, cops, and a question for YOU!

Jon’s Run

Wow, today was a rough run. A week or so ago, I developed this brilliant idea at the time to honor my brother on his birthday. Since he would have been 41, I decided to run the equivalent to 41 laps around a track. There was NO WAY in the world I’d ever run 41 laps around a track, so running 10.25 miles sounded like the best way to go. I imagine Jon would rather I eat some teriyaki beef jerky, down it with some [fake] Guinness and go fishing in the afternoon, but of course that would be EASY and I have to make things difficult.

Knowing that the forecast called for a bright and sunny day hitting the mid-80s, I opted to get a run in as soon as the kiddo would let me. Breakfast was served [for her. I apparently forgot to eat], clothes were changed and we were ready to roll. We set out just as the cool of the morning was lifting, and thought “this weather is perfect for a 10 miler”. A couple of miles ticked by, and the sun started to move closer to high noon, and I was definitely sweating. A few more miles goes by and I notice that I had stopped sweating. Crap. I haven’t really hydrated all that well… you can see where this is going, right? I figured I’d keep my body busy, and down a GU – probably the earliest I’ve ever had one during a run before, but I figured desperate times called for desperate measures.

Couple of more miles go slowly by, Silly is well into her nap, and I’m left with just a fourth of my water bottle. Runs like these, are why I carry my wallet with me. I tuck into the shoppette, and buy the biggest water bottle I can find. By this time, I can see my arms turning pink [I naturally forgot to apply sunscreen to myself, but Silly was taken care of…] and I’m still 3 miles from home. 2.5 of these miles are set on a very L-O-N-G stretch of lonely road, completely void of any shade whatsoever. This was, by far, the most challenging point of the run. I was tired and hot, my warm skin was riddled with salt residue, and I just wanted to get home.

I bonked with a mile to go. No joke, I stopped about 4 times in the last mile, even twice while I was just in my neighborhood. I was happy to reach the house, and I immediately went straight to the freezer and grabbed a popsicle. I’m sure Jon thought I was quite the idiot – not fueling properly, not hydrating, not applying sunscreen, and not finishing strong – that’s what I get for not going the beef jerky/fishing route. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to kick this run’s butt, and not suffer through it!

But, here I am, happier than ever. Even with my arm hairs turned blonde by the sun, a sock tan and burnt legs. I did this for Jon. I definitely asked him for help – I thought about him every step of the way. Memories, stories, photos, questions that will never be answered – it was all there. I’m sad, yes. That is a given. But I can safely say that today, I felt him there with me. I just wish he could’ve offered to push the damn stroller 😉

Jon’s Run

10 miles later………….

I set out a few hours ago to do a long run. My A Goal was 10 miles, B was 8, C was 7. Before I even stepped out the door I knew that I was going to hit 10.

Yes, I am alive, and all is well!!!

How do you know when you’re going on a long run? You pack a snack for the kiddo and lather her up in sunscreen before you head out. You pack the post map, and remember to throw your nuun in the fridge so you have your recovery drink nice and cold by the time you get back. During the run your husband sees you 3 times while running work related errands and pulls over to talk to you twice. Your toddler gets her entire afternoon nap in and upon waking up shouts out “run? more? run???”. I think at that point, we were both ready to go home.

With that said, it was an amazing run. I mentally bonked from about mile 7.5 to 8.5ish, and looking back on fluid/calorie intake the past 48 hours, I was NOT prepared to run 10. Buuuuuuuuut I did it anyway, and I promised my legs that if they got me through it, that I would reward them with an ice bath and foam rolling. 10 miles, 1:33, 9:21 pace. I will take it. Thank you legs, you deserve way more credit than the brain does.

By the way, the gu roctane island nectar flavor is DEEEEEEEELICIOUS. Good luck trying to get me to use anything else.

Ok friends. I am off to meet a friend for coffee, then hang out with my husband after his very demanding work week. Have an amazing weekend, I know I will!!! My little brother is coming to visit – GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

PS – I am composing an open letter to the soldiers of Fort Lewis. Tune in on Monday for that…

10 miles later………….

Legs are Toast

Man. It’s been a rough 24 hours, running wise. I ran late again last night, the 5 miler that I made up from earlier in the week at a 9:30 pace. My first mile was 10:00 flat, so my splits were just faster than the 9:30 average. I also had a caffeine free GU before the run, and once I got past the taste [Lemon Sublime] I was on my merry way. I can’t say that I noticed a HUGE difference in the way I ran, but the prior 5 milers have been run at 9:48 and 10:00 minute per mile pace… so the proof is definitely in the numbers.

I woke up around 6 in the morning to run my 7 miles; and at the time I thought nothing of running 12 miles in about 10 hours. About 2 miles into the run, I took a Vanilla Bean GU, which had caffeine in it. I definitely felt a small jolt in energy, and the splits that accompanied my time definitely show that. I would provide you with those numbers, but I didn’t upload the info off of my Garmin, I won’t be for awhile, as it is packed away with everything else that is going to Georgia/Tennessee. Anyway, I’m experimenting with GU’s, as I have heard horror stories about people just trying them out at random during a marathon or long run, and their bodies rejecting them – often times, violently.  The run went very well, uneventful, sans iPod; just me and the road. I brought along the Amphipod, which probably ranks in my #10 best inventions ever list. Another thing on this list would definitely be compression sleeves. I ran with mine this morning, and I noticed that my legs weren’t as tight during the run.

My downfall occured when I took the sleeves off, then stood around at the local air show for 6 hours. I had volunteered to work a booth, thinking that a simple chair would be provided… yikes. That was the worst part of the day, as well as not fueling properly. I’m glad I’m such a stickler with hydrating, or else this could have been a real mess.

Well the next time I update, we’ll not only be in Georgia, but we’ll FINALLY be with our Army Man. It’s been about 12 weeks since we’ve seen him, so time spent with him is long overdue. Unfortunately, he’ll have things to do in the morning, so after I’m done running I’ll still be able to waste my time [and yours] with random blog posts. I have a rest day tomorrow, with the next days scheduled at 5 miles, 4 miles and again 5, rest day, then finishing off the week with an 8 miler.

Until next time, happy running!

Legs are Toast