a blog entry, having NOTHING to do with politics

i’ve been running, i swear. 

today i did 5 miles. it was the most entertaining and easy going run i think i’ve ever had. i’ve come to terms with the fact i might end up walking the half next sunday. not really, i’ll be pissed, but i’ve got to prepare for the worst. the first couple of miles are always the most frustrating for me, mainly because they’re filled with traffic lights. i finally get a rhythm and i am stopped by the infamous red hand. i’m not one of those people that checks traffic both ways and give myself the all clear and scooting along. no no. if i’m going to cross traffic, i’m going to make sure that if i get hit, YOU’RE in the wrong. i’ll take the extra minutes to catch my breath, fiddle around with my garmin or dodge exhaust fumes. 
with this said, people behind the wheel truly don’t understand what a powerful weapon they have in their hands. or hand, if you’re one to talk on the phone/put on make up/eat/text while driving. i was almost clipped today while some lady was pulling out of Bed, Bath and Beyond [probably getting over priced thanksgiving doohickeys], cell phone in hand, coffee in the other. i’m assuming she’s driving with her knees. i narrowly avoided her, because ya know, SHE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME yet proceeded to give me a dirty look as i slapped the hood of her Escalade. i mean really lady… think about it. i’m sure your precious escalade would suffer little damage, i think the damn grill came up to my shoulders. yes, i’m bitter about it. no, you can’t change my mind/tell me i’m wrong/try and tell me anything from her point of view. yes, i kept her from pulling into traffic, but looking at the big picture, what could i have possibly delayed her from doing? it was a mere split second, in the time that it took her to process what just happened and to her giving me a dirty look, i had already gone by, flicked her off and gone on my way. people are idiots. 
anyway… i’m not ready for this half, at all. i’m hoping i can get my crap together for Bandera… i might just stick to doing the half in Austin. my workload in the next couple of months is going to increase tenfold, and i don’t want to verbally [and monetary, holy crap those things are pricey] commit to something when i’m unsure about my schedule. my co-workers and i decided that in 2010 we’re going to do the Bataan Memorial Death March in New Mexico. we’ve already decided that no matter what we’re going to do the heavy division. obviously we have a while to get a team of 5 together but if we can we’ll get the military heavy division. due to things that have recently happened in my personal life i’m really inspired to do this. 
Tomorrow is an easy 2 or 3 miles after work, i’m also bringing a soccer ball to kick around since the nets just went up. sunday i’m aiming to run 10, to gauge where i’m at. i guess i’ll do a ‘taper’-ish week, but one could argue that i’ve been doing that for about 3 weeks now. i guess you could say that i want to be well rested… yeah. that’s it. 🙂
a blog entry, having NOTHING to do with politics