100 Things

100 things about me. This list was not easy to make.

1.      I love lists.

2.      At any given moment, I will have a “Beauty and the Beast” song in my head.

3.      I can’t stand fruity scents.

4.      Young and the Restless. Yes.

5.      I will research the most idiotic things until I tire of them.

6.      Books, books, books, about anything and everything.

7.      If I never touch snow again I’d be happy.

8.      I despise clutter of all kind.

9.      I can’t seem to get rid of any of my old running shoes.

10.     Cramped spaces make me nervous.

11.     I fail to see the point of creamy peanut butter.

12.     There isn’t a cupcake around that I don’t like.

13.     I HATE PICKLES. Bane of my existance, the pickle!

14.     Upon meeting someone, I can’t help but compare their looks/voice to a celebrity.

15.     Cannot. Stand. Croutons.

16.     I’m convinced that I need a piece of chocolate a day to survive.

17.     Don’t like surprises, but I love surprising.

18.     Family will always come first. Always.

19.     “Edit” buttons are amazing.

20.     This list was inspired by Nicolle. Thank her.

21.     I get super excited about a new recipe.

22.     I named my first dog “Addie” because she is very A.D.D.

23.     My kid’s first word was a cuss word. Mother of the Year.

24.     I often forget my age. Not kidding.

25.     Soda is something I have maybe once every 2 or 3 months; and even then it’s a Big Red.

26.     For a LONG time I hated my unruly, curly hair – but now I wouldn’t change it for the world.

27.     When I see numbers in sequence I add them up.

28.     It took awhile to come up with something that didn’t have to do with food.

29.     My favorite yoga pose is a variation of the 3 legged downward dog.

30.     I’m amazed that I havent yet professed my love for coffee. Which I most certainly DO.

31.     BIG fan of pancakes and waffles. Hate bacon though.

32.     I really enjoy eating cold leftovers; pizza, chinese food, burritos, etc.

33.     During a run I see lisence plates and come up with a phrase that matches the acronym on the plate.

34.     Volume on the tv/in the car MUST be on an even number.

35.     I’m in disbelief knowing I have 65 more facts to go. I apologize in advance.

36.     When I mess up, I’d rather start over from scratch than try and fix it.

37.     Alphabetical. Always. Minus this list, obviously.

38.     I would LOVE to have a library. With a typewriter to write my novel with.

39.     While I enjoy sitting still, I rarely have the time.

40.     I get very annoyed with electric stove tops.

41.     Our bed is the best bed ever. Huge, fluffy comforter, soft sheets… definitely ideal.

42.     Having my own backyard garden is something I can’t wait to have.

43.     I have travelled extensively, but ironically being in the military had nothing to do with it.

44.     I dislike the number 13 with a passion.

45.     I have to hold back Tweeting every mundane detail of my day.

46.     The fact that I started the last 3 facts with “I” bothers me.

47.     We aim to have an old Jeep, one day.

48.     I bought a stick shift before I even knew how to drive it.

49.      Plans for the next tattoos are set, they’re just not done.

50.     Knowing I’m half done makes me happy, but also a bit of anxiety.

51.     Christmas songs annoy the CRAP out of me.

52.     I really suck at home improvement. I shouldn’t be allowed around power tools.

53.     Plants look at me and die. They don’t stand a chance.

54.     My daughter never ceases to amaze me.

55.     I aim to have an old, antique stand alone tub one day.

56.     I don’t respect singers that sound horrible live.

57.     Hardwood floors are the best. REAL hardwood floors.

58.     I do not celebrate my birthday.

59.     99% of the time my radio is set to a local country station

60.     Deadset about my own opinions.

61.     I have an unhealthy obsession with Chick Fil A’s peach milkshake. I would have one daily if it were available. Finances/caloric concerns aside, obviously.

62.     #3 is my lucky number.

63.     I had food poisoning from Arby’s when I was 12 or so and refuse to go back.

64.     The softest spot in my heart is reserved for American soldiers, both veterans and those currently serving.

65.     I can’t stand air blowing on me. It dries out my eyes and I find it to be too powerful.

66.     Debating is one thing, pushing your opinions on me just ‘because’ is another. Cannot stand the latter.

67.     I firmly believe in 1 Corinthians 15:33; it keeps me in check.

68.     I am a work in progress.

69.     Sometimes I’ll buy a notebook, just to see what I can fill it with. Haven’t done this in a long time.

70.    Murder mysteries are my favorite kind of book to read.

71.    I loathe touchscreens.

72.    I am not competitive with anyone else but myself.

73.    While I enjoy cooking VERY much, I honestly don’t think I’m any good at it.

74.    I’m having a hard time with this list because talking about myself is something I don’t really like to do.

75.    Being able to laugh at “yourself” is something I have definitely mastered.

76.    I can NEVER find my keys. It got to the point that my husband would hide the spare key.

77.    Spiciness is good. Overwhelming amounts of spicy, in order to burn your mouth off, is not.

78.    I’ve gone through so many phones, it’s ridiculous.

79.    I have friends from all over the country, and while I might not physically be close to them, I do love them dearly!

80.    Personally, I think giving gifts is 100 times better than recieving.

81.    I love that sometimes my daughter tries to do yoga with me. Other times she looks at me like I’m a fool, which is equally as entertaining.

82.    I LOATHE being sick. Absolutely hate it with a passion. I’d rather take care of someone who’s sick.

83.    Going out in a ballcap, old shirt, and jeans is perfectly fine by me.

84.    If it never got below 70 degrees, I’d be very happy. Self proclaimed lizard for sure.

85.    Somtimes I bite off more than I can chew. Like making a list of 100 things about me.

86.    I cannot stand the smell/taste of regular milk.

87.    Banana pancakes are my favorite kind of pancake.

88.    I really enjoy being warmed by a fire. The bonfire kind, not the ‘my house is burning down’ kind.

89.   There are few people that I can stay on the phone with, longer than 5 minutes.

90.   Speedwork is a love/hate thing. I love the feeling it gives me, and the improvement, but I hate them during.

91.   I swim like a brick.

92.   I firmly believe the ‘seat warmer’ option is probably the best invention ever.

93.   Ultramarathons both fascinate me and scare me. I REALLY want to do one.

94.   No matter where I’m at geographically, if I step on a military instillation I feel like I’m ‘home’.

95.   I always say I’m going to write down the numbers to the channels I like, as I can never seem to remember them.

96.   While watching a movie about the military, I find myself cringing a lot and saying “Oh, that’s totally not how that would happen”

97.   Soy latte, extra shot please, and thank you.

98.   I am adamant that my daughter learn manners. Something I find frightengly absent in children these days.

99.   I love my sugar scuttle, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it.

100.   One of the above 99 facts is not true.


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