From A to Z

From A to Z Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.*

A runner, undertaking the task of training for a 26.2 – her longest race.

Breathless in her shuffle while her body wakes. 

Chasing the sunrise, dreary eyes barely open; not yet checking pace,

Distancing herself from the starting point, ignoring premature aches.

Evenings on the track, legs like pistons and lungs depleted,

Friends made, bonding with sweat, tears and glory.

Groaning, up hills, bile rising – but she’s never defeated. 

Heroine, she plays, in her very own story.

Inquisitive about life, trivial thoughts exhaust her; doubts rising.  

Just focus, just breathe, just take it all in, just BE…

Kaleidoscopes of colors come to, as the sun catches the horizon.  

Little does she know to let go, is to be free. 

Maddening, to do something so simple; primitive and natural.

Not one person on Earth can take this away, it all rests on her will.

On her mind she sees the fog lifting – with every run, it is so factual. 

Perhaps one day she will accept these epiphanies, she has yet to sharpen that skill. 

Quests for knowledge; revolving the marathon and the history

Rembering Grete, idolizing Switzer, Joan and Radcliffe. 

Solace, peace, zen – those are the ones she craves, but elusive in their mystery.  

Twenty miles, ten, and taper – does she remember being so achy and stiff?

Undoubtedly so; she trusts in her plan, it is time to embark on her adventure. 

Variants; weather, logistics, hills, pain, the Wall – she sprints into the finish.

When is there another, she wonders; a a new found thirst, is Boston even a venture?  

Xenia, Eaton, Brookville, Tipp City, Dayton; hundreds of Ohio’s miles covered, these memories will never diminish.

Yet here she is, tears wiping, sweat pouring, curse words uttering, humble with new found grace.

Zealous in her plight, she is determined, confident but forever grateful she is even in this race. 

* prompt taken from here

From A to Z

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