Long Run Love & an Idiot Sandwich

The long run today was spectacular. The pace was rythmic and effortless; exactly what I needed after a week of daunting runs that bruised my ego. I truly love long runs.

During the seven miler, I took the oppurtunity to listen to a podcast my brother in law’s wife was on. Yes, I know the podcast was months ago, but aside from running, there is zero chance I have one hour to myself for uninterrupted listening. Stay at home moms, you get me. Featured on Another Mother Runner’s 212th podcast, she talks about finding change while on her run. Between her and my brother in law, they have raised quite the amount of money for the Achon Uganda Children’s Fund. You can read more here, as AMR interviewed her in a blog post in 2013. The numbers are as impressive as her running!
To date, I have found a measly seven cents, counting the nickel I found during my run today, just as they were interviewing Samantha. I came across two pennies sometime in June, and I was so excited I sent a picture of them to both her and my brother in law. Granted, they find way more cash at any given moment, but I’ll take it! I attribute the lack of monies found, to the routes I chose. In Oklahoma I opted for deserted roads meant for Army tanks, a track, or the treadmill. Not exactly your hotbed for loose moola. Here, I’m running the majority of my run on country roads, but you better believe that I keep my eyes peeled for shiny coins or loose bills while in town! I definitely need to take the advice of money finding professionals, and it’s just another facet I will enjoy about a long run!

There was one hang up this morning, which was completely human error on my part which makes it sting even more. I called home a little over halfway through, and not only forgot to re-start my Garmin, but it saved the activity as ‘done.’ I didn’t realize this for over a quarter mile, so I had to start a new activity and THEN I forgot to stop the watch while at the light, which totally jacked my average pace. Go figure. Per the Garmin, I didn’t run seven complete miles, and this annoys me to no end. I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it does, mainly because it was my own damn fault.

As with all of my running, I ran purposeful steps in that I run for the fallen and their families. The night before a run, I read about the individuals I am running for. This group of seven men includes Air Force 1st LT Joel Gentz, whose mother is also a Gold Star Athlete for Wear Blue. July 9th would have marked his 32nd birthday.

Army SPC Allen Nolan, KIA 20SEP2004; Army SGT Jack Hennessy, KIA 01OCT2004; Army SGT Michael Uvani, KIA 01OCT2004, Army SGT Russell Collier KIA 03OCT2004, Army SSGT James Pettaway Jr., KIA 03OCT2004, Army SGT Christopher Potts, KIA 03OCT2004, Air Force 1LT Joel Gentz, KIA 09JUN2010.

Long Run Love & an Idiot Sandwich

2 thoughts on “Long Run Love & an Idiot Sandwich

  1. You are AMAZING!!! I totally get the forgetting to restart the Garmin, etc. That would really bug me too. I’m impressed that you found 7 cents on your run. I run on city streets and I never find money.

    1. Thanks woman! Well, Samantha had some good advice, searching bar parking lots, in center dividers and near rain drains. I think it might depend on the time of day too, she runs SUPER early on Sunday morning!

      Are you able to find some “you” time? It’s tough with infants, I definitely remember that. ❤

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