Do You Have Cheese? FOR MY WHINE?

Why is it that short, mid-week runs can be such HELL to accomplish? All morning, I crave the run. The night prior, I often think about how great the run will be and BY GOLLY maybe I can PR my usual course. I read about running. My day revolves around either getting the run done, or some type of cross training for running. Don’t get me wrong – running is absolutely not a chore, that is not what I am trying to get at. 

Then, I start my run. For the first half mile, joints are moving, the body is getting warmed up, and I expect at any moment to start enjoying it. “It” never comes. Instead, I find myself struggling to bring in a deep breath, as I feel like I am breathing through a wet blanket. My knee, which has felt a little off the past couple of days, keeps pestering me. My hips continue to whisper to me, in a most taunting way, reminding me that I never did foam roll like I said I was going too. A side stitch comes along, patronizing my lack of hydration. By the time the three mile excursion is over, I am equal parts relieved and frustrated in myself for letting it get to me. 

The past two runs have consisted of just three miles each. The humidity on both of them was between 84 and 89, which has felt downright oppresive. Mix in the summer heat, and I felt like I was cooking on the pavement. I know, I know – maybe I’ll hit the treadmill next time and race the poor unsuspecting soul on the treadmill next to me. Unfortunately, this new gym lacks the Marine motivation… HA!

Though this week has been challenging, I am reminded by recent events that I must not take advantage of it. Everyone I love woke up this morning. My kids are happy, my spouse is finishing up Army life so we can all reside here together. Who am I to complain about WEATHER, that I can’t even control? This isn’t a bad diet spun out of control that I, myself, can reign back in. In essence, this is your typical first world problem. “Waah. The air is too wet to breathe… Ew, I wish my headphones wouldn’t get so sweaty. UGH, my hair keeps falling out of my high bun!!!” 

Yeah, I need to get over myself. Which I totally plan to do over the course of seven miles, in 60 degree weather, in relative LOW humidity, some time this weekend. I truly live for the long run. Days like today and yesterday have me wondering HOW the hell I’m going to add 23.2 more miles… But I know I won’t feel that way during my long run. It will be nothing short of perfect; in all of it’s exhilarating glory. I can’t wait.

Though the miles were hard, they are nothing in comparison to the fallen servicemembers and their families. My run on Thursday was for Amry Sgt. Tyler Prewitt, KIA 28SEP2004; Army Ssgt Mike Dennis, KIA 29SEP2004; and Army Ssgt Alan Rogers, KIA 29SEP2004. 

My run for today was for Army PFC Joshua Titcomb, KIA 29SEP2004; Army Ssgt Darren Cunningham, KIA 30SEP2004; and Army SPC Rodney Jones, KIA 30SEP2004. 

Do You Have Cheese? FOR MY WHINE?

2 thoughts on “Do You Have Cheese? FOR MY WHINE?

  1. I’m getting used to humidity again.. on the days when the sun is out AND it’s warm AND it’s humid, I feel like my sweat is basting me to be roasted. MAN. But I think of the (hopefully) sweet sweet reward of a cool race day. MCM, girl. WE CAN DO THIS.

    1. Hell yeah we do, lady!!! And this humidity is definitely taking more time to get used too… Completing the race will be sweet enough, but I’m also thinking about how much cheesecake I can eat without guilt 😀

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