Thawing Out 

Ohio. What gives. It was 53 when I stepped off this morning. TOO COLD. 

Anyway, today marked the first long of Marine Corps Marathon training. I would love to say it was effortless and serene, complete with whistling birds and loving deer that came out to cheer me on in all of their Bambi eyed splendor. Buuuuut it wasn’t. 

If I could just interject and give a solid piece of advice… it would be to not spend 5+ hours on a riding lawn mower the night before a run. Yesterday I was careful to hydrate well, and eat correctly (read: no Mexican food, or mystery Indian dishes) BUT I didn’t expect the whiplash from the mower. I woke up at 5 this morning with a killer headache, and pain radiating from the back of my skull down to my shoulders. I popped some Ibuprofen, applied heat, and went back to bed for an hour. Those 60 minutes made a huge difference, and while I’m still feeling twinges here and there, things are better. 

The run itself, besides physical ailments, was great. I found a local bike trail, ran to it, meandered around, then headed home. I only had six miles to do today, so I’m looking forward to covering more on the trail as the miles get longer. It’s funny, running six miles in San Antonio meant staying within city limits. Here, if I went six miles in any direction, there’s a chance I would end up in another town – where we live is the epitome of the term ‘one horse town’ and I love it. 

Roaring semi trucks and screaming motorcycles have been replaced with the sound of far off braying donkeys or crowing roosters. Instead of breathing in exhaust, I stepped out and took in the morning dew air. Nary a meth needle was to be found, in fact I found a NICKEL. I was pretty excited about that, my brother in law and his wife search for change during their runs to donate annually. In fact, the speedy better half (sorry, B) was even featured in a podcast recently about it. I’ll have to get their totals, it’s pretty impressive. 

As with every run I do, they were purposeful in that I am remembering the honor and sacrifice of the American military and their families. Today I ran for the following individuals:

Marine 2nd LT. Ryan Leduc, KIA 24SEP2004. Marine LCPL Ramon Mateo, KIA 24SEP2004. Army SGT David Johnson, KIA 25SEP2004. Army SPC Clifford Moxley, Jr, KIA 25SEP2004. Army SPC Robert Oliver Unruh, KIA 25SEP2004. Army CPT Eric Allton, KIA 26SEP2004. 

May their sacrifice never be forgotten, and that their families find peace. 

Thawing Out