And So It Goes

Marine Corps Marathon training runs one and two have both been completed. 

For whatever reason, I envisioned training for this race kicking off with  grandiose celebration; a banner, confetti and champagne. I cannot comprehend WHY my brain is so adamant about celebrating every run from here on out. Silly, considering I am not doing anything special, or different. The shoes are the same, the route is semi-similar, and I haven’t purchased exciting clothes for it (yet.) I really cannot stress enough how important this marathon is to me, and to the group of Gold Start Family members that I’m running with. 

My excitement Monday was short lived with a brush of possible heat exhaustion. I wish I could say I’m trying to be funny, but the signs were all there. I have seemingly forgotten how HUMID Ohio can be – sure, Oklahoma was hot and challenging in it’s own way… though I lived in Ohio for however many years, I was apparently immune to it. From there, I ran in San Antonio which was basically like running on a Tarmac in July at noon ALL THE TIME. Then back to Ohio, and off to Oklahoma for the first time, which enslaved me to a treadmill thanks to a record winter. Then, off to a runner’s oasis, the Pacific Northwest. I truly did not take complete advantage of the conditions of the Tacoma area. Then, it was off again to Oklahoma, for three years, which was worse than San Antonio running in that a hair dryer was constantly blowing in your face at about 50 mph. 

I don’t know why I’m droning on and on about all this. 

My second run, today, was great – I did half mile fartleks, and I managed to average negative splits the whole time. The humidity was lower than Monday, as well as the temperature – win/win. I felt pretty weightless today, for having run later in the afternoon. Though I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, I would much rather run in the morning. Waiting until the end of the day has the potential for disaster; hydration issues, t-ball practice runs late, not fueling enough, etc. Let alone having to run in the heat of the day.  

I have one more three miler, then my long run of six this weekend. To say I am excited about my long run is an understatement! I am currently searching out routes with hills, since the route I  typically run is incredibly flat. The gym we go to blesses the parents with an option of an outdoor run within a mile radius, which beats the treadmill ANY day of the week, but the elevation on it resembles Kansas countryside – you could watch your dog run away for three days… 

Until my next running post, I might throw in a writing prompt blog post, so be prepared to ignore it. Just like you ignore the blog. 


And So It Goes

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