Stodgy Sunday

Before I begin, I would like to confirm that the Komodo Dragon foot was indeed a goose foot. Canadian goose, to be exact. Thank you, Sgt. Corcoran and the Brookville Police Department. Not embarrassing, whatsoever.


Summer break has such hope at the start, does it not? Kids gradually begin to sleep in a bit, bed times waver, and tan lines bestow themselves on tiny bodies that seem to have boundless energy. After a few weeks, the once exciting moments have turned into mundane activities, leaving kids and parents of the like pretty bored. Luckily, we have managed to escape this, for the most part.

However, as a stay at home mom, it can become quite terrifying. I am an advocate in ‘letting’ my kids get bored; maps to far off lands are soon drawn, forts are made of pillows, and books or puzzles are finally cracked open. Typically, once the kids busy themselves, I scramble to get things done. Today, I did about six loads of laundry, cleaned the fridge, vacuumed the car, etc. Fulfilling, but we all know how annoyingly complacent I quickly become when I don’t have variety in my life.


I get bored with running when I am not training. I become  annoyed walking into the weight room without a plan. If a book/magazine/movie isn’t riveting enough from the get-go, it’s abandoned with disgust until it can be donated. Yoga, meditation and writing – if I don’t have enough variation, I stop practice for months on end because I become that discouraged. But why am I like this?? Are these not things I absolutely enjoy? I realize I need to work on this… is that what patience is??! HA!

I found a writing prompt PDF that I think I might partake in. I hate being told what to do, especially with something so visceral to me as writing is. I need to write, but I don’t always have something to say; writer’s block is real and if personified I would throat chop the bejesus out of it. Which makes this challenge perfect. That reminds me that I need to update my reading challenge, but that’s for another day!

Marathon training officially starts this week, so I will try and keep the worthless banter to a minimum. This week I have three, three mile runs and a long run of six. Interspersed, I have two Nike Training Club workouts, and I want to try and wake up early for yoga daily. I absolutely loved doing that, and why I stopped I’ll never know. 

… so who’s calling me this week to make sure that happens?! 


This week I am also fully focused on some wear blue news that I’ll disclose once I know more! Until then… this ice cream won’t eat itself…

Stodgy Sunday

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