Well, we’ve partially moved, and I finally got around to hooking up the internet. I feel drunk with power. I went from barely googling and scanning social media to having it ALL at my disposal. And, I had the foresight to bring my keyboard. Way to go, past self. For once, you pulled through!

On to more important things… last night I had a conference call with the majority of the group that I am running Marine Corps with. In addition to the wonderful mix of spouses and parents, there are six other siblings, a number I didn’t expect to be so high. Being a Gold Star sibling is a bit of a paradox. Not to sound a bit obnoxious, but the general consensus within the GS community is that no one really thinks of us. We often find ourselves grieving alone, for various reasons; we don’t want to upset our parents, and while we have known our sibling since birth (either ours, or theirs) the bond is very different. It’s a strange position to be in, but the group I am very humbled to be with will absolutely become my rock for the next few months, I can already feel it. I had goosebumps the entire 51 minutes and 4 seconds of the phone call.

Running here is underway. Moving didn’t really mess up the schedule too much, and we are SO beyond blessed to have my parents here. The local Y also has childcare available, AND there are about 9 other branches I can choose from as well. It’s crazy. There is also a trail system here that winds to, from, and between Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. If you’re not familiar with Southwest Ohio geography (how dare you), think of Dayton being the central locality and the other two towns an hour away. It’s glorious to be able to chose from those trails, and the local trailhead is ‘just in town’ which is amazing. 

We are so overwhelmed with gratitude and jubilation. We haven’t even been here a week, yet I feel like I have known this house and property for years. Hopefully soon I’ll make an entire blog post about it. Until then, I have to email the previous owners and thank them endlessly for the love they poured into the home. No, I’m not kidding.

Until then, here are some pictures from around the place.






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