Where Did I Leave Off?

I apologize if the format of this is seventy kinds of jacked up, as I’m blogging from a new tablet and I am too lazy don’t know how to fix it promise to fix it later.

You know it’s bad when in a separate tab I had to open my blog to see what I had going on last.

Apparently I was being super dramatic about having to stay in town longer. Yes, the town in which their Twitter page literally calls it the Shady 580. I’d go and search for it, but I cannot be bothered to care that much, so you will have to take my word for it.


Long story short, we have about 11 days left in town. Remember the house I thought was perfect, then bought out from under us? WELL, we found an even MORE perfect property, even closer to home.


But of course, with the new timeline, it messes up the Seattle plans. Originally I was going alone, for literally 72 hours. However, now that we’ll be in Ohio, and with possible caregivers being out of town – not possible. And, I cannot count on the Army side to not leave me in the dark as well, especially since a lot of the issues are medical based.

As far as MCM goes, I’m looking at a Higdon plan, but not really sweating it just yet. I have found a perfect half in Dublin (Emerald City Half) that fits into the schedule nicely. In the meantime, I’m building a great base, and more surprisingly I am managing to balance yoga and cross-training as well. These days cross-training consists of swimming and pretend cycling, but I really want nothing more than to deadlift a baby buffalo right now. In due time. Right now my focus is on the Memorial Day Pledge Run, in which I have pledged to run 8 miles.

While this update was short, I will do my best to update from the road!

Where Did I Leave Off?

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