More OSMs, ho hum.

Yes folks, even more Oh Shit Moments*.

I found out last week that I am going to have the honor of wearing blue, again, at the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I will be running with 14 other Gold Star family members as a part of their Gold Star Race Program. When I entered my submission, I didn’t think there was a chance at all that I would get it. If you’ve been reading this blog, or have known me, for any amount of time – you’d know that MCM has been a nemesis of sorts. Long story short: the race has eluded me twice now, and THIS is going to be it! Being a Gold Star family member is odd… we are not a coveted group that everyone hopes to be a part of. It’s a support system built on grief, tears, anger, and eventually hope and understanding. I’m excited, though it’s bittersweet. Hard to explain…


Aside from that, life has been chugging along. The kids and I went to Ohio to look at houses, and we found the PERFECT place. Literally, 12 acres of angels singing, cherubs flying to and fro, summer kitchens and badass* EVERYTHING because it was built in 1830… we could not have picked a better property. In fact it was so amazing that it was bought out from under us, mere hours before an offer was submitted on our part. To say I’m devastated is an understatement. But, shit* happens.


We’re thinking about staying in Oklahoma a bit longer, which in all honesty makes me want to scream obscenities from “Mt.” Scott, but I suppose it wouldn’t be all that bad. I do have a great group of friends and although they are dwindling faster than Europe in 1350 (hint :: black plague) and I’m very grateful for them. And, if you’re in that group, and you’re reading this, prepare for me to become VERY clingy. I should probably clarify, my friends aren’t dying in mass groups, they’re just moving because the Army clearly hates me.


I think that’s it for now. I apologize for not reading/interacting much on other blogs – ever since the Reader was rendered inop (what like four years now), I haven’t found a decent replacement. Suggestions?

* sorry mom

More OSMs, ho hum.

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