Way Wrong, Thankful Thursday

  • I’m thankful that it’s my blog and I can do what I want. I haven’t done this in YEARS, apparently. In over four years, to be exact. And I’m not even doing it right.
  • I’m thankful for Fat Tuesday. For Lent I’ve decided to do a financial ‘fast’ so to speak. I realize most give up candy/ice cream/beer but in all actuality it would be more difficult for me to not randomly stop by the coffee shack, not sign up for a race, or not pick up a new top at a discount. Maybe I need to find someone who gave up cupcakes and have them buy one for me?


  • This stuff, because of the puppy.
  • The smashing of comfort zones. A friend has been trying to get me to go to Body Pump for over a year now, to no avail. You can say I’m a little stubborn. I really hate group classes, but I finally went today and it was freaking amazing. Totally humbling, and I insist on going until I’m comfortable with a decent amount of weight on the bar. This class is not my typical workout, which means I’ll be doing it forever now.


  • These furballs. Ten years apart, yet you wouldn’t know it, the way they interact.
  • Geocaching. K and I recently picked up this hobby and we are hooked!! She asks to go daily and we find three or four caches everywhere we go. Our very first one, she found on her favorite holiday – Valentine’s. Perfect.
Way Wrong, Thankful Thursday

One thought on “Way Wrong, Thankful Thursday

  1. Love this post! Geocaching sounds like fun.. I’ve done it exactly once but it might be a low-cost thing to pick up on the weekends. Also. Your dogs are adorable. Also. Body Pump will pump you up!! I miss that class. The first time I ever went, I couldn’t sit properly on a toilet for about a week. But it was awesome.

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