Yogging and Periscope.


It’s amazing how soul refreshing hitting the tiny little publish button is. That simple decision was quite the catalyst to numerous comments and texts. I thank you, from the bottom of my Grinch heart.

My heart has been a bit heavy today as I feel as though I should be in Florida for Abue’s services. I have no doubt they were absolutely beautiful, and that everyone attending is exhausted emotionally but I truly hope that they leave with more of a fulfilled state of mind. To know my Abue was to know a free thinking dreamer who TRULY enjoyed life – I hope that’s what everyone talked about today – that she really left nothing on the table when doing things and had a content, full of love, life and laughter.

Otherwise, today was the perfect start to the weekend. Though I haven’t been quiet about how much I dislike being in Lawton, Oklahoma I do try to ‘bloom where I’m planted.’ When we were first here a few years ago, it was during the winter and NOTHING was in town – however I knew my stay would be about 3 months. Fast forward a bit, and after a stint at the ever beautiful Fort Lewis, we are back here again, for what seems like a penance for a crime committed in a past life. But, back to positivity. (also, there’s a Target here now, AND a local running club. Little things.)

This morning we went to a cute little market hosted by a local family farm and it was awesome. The farm owners were there, the atmosphere was warm and friendly, and produce looked great – all for a very fair price. I *may* have had a peanut butter brownie that was absolutely DIVINE. If you’re in the Lawton/Fort Sill area, I urge you to check out Murphy’s Farms. I believe they also have a shop in Duncan, if I remember correctly. Viridian Coffee was also there, and I CANNOT wait to get into my purchase from them – the smell has permeated throughout the house all day and I am eager to wake up in the morning just to have their coffee. Yay small, local businesses!


I promise to stop with the GIFs and start posting real pictures. At some point.

We came home and I decided to go for a run around the neighborhood. If you have been to Lawton, I can hear you gasping from here, and yes, I am alive to type this. I’ve included a link to local crime data, only because I can’t decide which infographic to put up that won’t alarm my mother. So, a slight offshoot that I promise will make sense in a second- my brother in law and his family pick up coins they find on runs to donate to a charity at the end of the year. I believe they have done this for a few years now, and employers match it, by this time I’m sure the total is in the thousands. My sister in law is SO good at finding a decent chunk of change, I think there have been a few $20 bills at some point. Anyway, every time I go for a run in town, I am scouring the street in vain for a mere penny. NEVER have I found money on the streets here, however today I noted dozens of cigarette butts, cigar tips, trash, beer cans, and a broken bong. For a split second I thought about doing the right thing and taking plastic bags with me to clean up the neighborhood… but then I had a flashback to seeing a hyperdermic needle on the sidewalk during a family bike ride…


Sounds like I need to start running on the East Side. Or actually on Fort Sill.

Anyway, aside from the plethora of trash around the neighborhood, the run was monotonous and uneventful. To be fair, our street is a main thoroughfare in town, and has a TON of walking traffic. So, really, I blame the lazy folks. After a couple of miles I looped back around to the house where our daughter was standing patiently by to go out for another mile. I absolutely love running with her, and she’s excited to go farther tomorrow.

I’m hoping to knock the run out early, so that I can not only catch the Super Bowl, but also tune into Periscope for what is bound to be the scope of the YEAR. Yes, I realize it is only February, but believe me, this is going to be good. Judy Martene will be hosting Peripreneurs, and her life story will absolutely leave you floored. I mentioned my global support network that I have absolutely zero business being a part of, and we are honored with Judy’s presence daily. Whenever someone is struggling or whomever needs a voice of reason – Judy is there, quick with kind words and warm grace. When she revealed a bit of her past to us, I was astounded. To know a fraction of what she’s gone through and persevered like she has… I truly admire her strength. This is not a scope to miss, that’s for sure! You’ll want to follow Peripreneurs on Periscope, but you can also catch us on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. If you really want to get involved (which I urge you to do!) join us in running conversation on Band.


Yogging and Periscope.

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