Nothing Special.

I realize my last post was a bit of a downer, and for that I apologize. It was hard to say goodbye to Shelby, but I think I underestimated how much our other pup would grieve. He’s always been a bit of a Velcro Dog, and this has tripled his anxiety and neediness. I don’t mind one bit, he has become a bit of a shadow, albeit a 90 pound one always underfoot. A thing in my house, trying to cuddle me – yeah, I’ll take it. Just, please, don’t breathe on me, you chicken poop fiend.


Thanks to a small cough/cold/allergy/Oklahoma weather phenomenon, the kids where down and out last week for a couple of days, so I wasn’t able to get out. In trying to balance everything I want to do, I’ve decided to scale it back with the heavy lifting a little, to incorporate more running time. I am really liking this schedule. I truly hate the cardio bunny look, but I’m hoping to negate that with the lifting. I just want to run half marathons and have a squat booty, is that too much to ask!?


Anyway, today I finally did some speed work. Much to my dismay, I did NOT die on the treadmill like I thought I was going to do. The flip side of that is it gave me a bit more confidence since I was able to huff and puff my way through 5 x 400s at an 7:36 average without vomiting. On a more hilarious note, with my 2.5 miles I did today, it brought my total for January to 9.25… LOL. What’s WORSE, is that my 11 days in January have put me above 8 out of 12 months totals from 2015. The month with the highest mileage was January, with 17.5. Gross. I’m hoping to surpass that within a week.

This week looks to be a bit loopy – random appointments as well as a trip to Florida to visit my Abue. A visit long overdue, and a very sad one, at best. If you could keep her in your thoughts, that’d be great, and even more so for her kids. But, that could be another blog post in and of itself.

I’m just radiating FUN lately, aren’t I!?







Nothing Special.

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