Tired of that song yet? 😉

WELL, WELL, WELL. Where to begin.

Life has been quite interesting lately. Husband has made the decision that military life is a chapter that the family can start closing, and we’re doing just that. Though we still have a few months left, it’s a bit freeing but also immensely panic inducing. Jobs range far and wide, as well as schooling options, from Ohio to Oregon. It’s pretty cool to dream about different places, and have the freedom to chose a spot relatively close to family. That’s the main focus in the search – family. A close second is ensuring I can have  my chickens. Ha!

Anyway, in addition to all that, we’re putting out fires left and right. Tenants in San Antonio left us high and dry, the car windows were busted out by some punk with too much free time, the dog is dying and I’m pretty sure if I go on it will turn into a country song.

The good news in all this is that physical activity, when it happens, is quite stress reducing. I truly do want to start running half marathons again, as well as keeping the focus on weight training and yoga. Though the future is unknown I think I’ll start training for a fall race – mainly because training for a spring one means winter running… and… NO.


I think the only race I can *kind* of count on is the Air Force half marathon. I only mention this because I have a myriad of options for lodging/transportation/travel. I’ll have to look at calendars, apparently during my two year running hiatus different races moved around in their schedules dramatically… looking at you San Antonio RnR. I remember when that race was held in mid-November!

I sought out to re-start this blog in hopes to really stick to running more, and now that I have, a million and one ideas are pouring out of my brain. Good stuff. Here in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my resolution (ugh, hate the phrase) post, as well as some things that have changed personally for me in the past few years. I am excited to be back, in both aspects – that’s for sure.



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