Holy Hell.

One day, I’ll learn my lesson about moseying out onto the Oklahoma, un-shaded roads without proper hydration in the mid morning. While the heat here is almost guaranteed, I don’t remember the past few years being so HUMID. We recently came out of a rain that eradicated SIX years of drought in about 23 days. It was ridiculous. Though the heavier rains are over, there is still standing water, which makes it very unpleasant just being outside.


Anyway, the run this morning was interesting, I stopped about every quarter mile, embarrassingly enough. 30something minutes later, I got back to the car, just three miles later. Getting cardio strength back sucks, even more so when weather is working.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering what I decided on in regards to shoes. Originally I wanted to pick up the PureFlows at the half marathon training kickoff event, but opted to go up to the City (cue banjos) and hit up a running store to try on Newton’s. I was sold. The PoP2 system is unlike anything I’ve run in, and while I was exhausted during the run, my form didn’t wane. I also noticed my left knee and right hip weren’t having issues – but I also realize this very well could be a placebo effect or a change in surface. Who knows. I got the Kismets in bright ass yellow which I can’t stand but will overlook for quality.


And, lastly, the 5k I was supposed to run this morning was cancelled because a whopping 18 people signed up. This town is tiny… and you would THINK that race directors would talk to one another… but in total, there were three races today. One trail run on post that preceded a family day at the lake, another being a color run, and the one I was to attend, which was followed by a festival. I have a whole different blog post planned about the city v. post dynamics, of which this will be the highlight of. I try very hard to like this town. I really do.


Holy Hell.

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