Pleasantly surprised

I can’t decide if being so emotionally dependent on physical activity is a good thing or not.

Coming back from vacation, I gave myself a few days off from the gym to get normalized again. You would be surprised at how much three weeks away from home can throw a wrench into perceived normalcy. There was a TON of laundry to do, groceries to buy and errands to run… As any half present parent can tell you, there was also an issue of CHILDREN to reel back in… Attitudes had to be readjusted so much so that the first 48 hours were damn near spent in solitary. Have you ever been to the Post Office with a toddler holding in his poop so badly he’s screaming while the 5 year old looks on in disgust, rolling her eyes? Be jealous.

While the itch to run had grown significantly on vacation, it seemingly exploded upon returning home. I excitedly declared the house “safe” and loaded the kids up for a run. I got to the track, started to unload the stroller… and realized the front wheel was missing. OF COURSE.


The rest of the day essentially followed suit. Forgot library books I needed to return, left half of the recycling at the house, traffic sucked… woe is me, right?


It had been awhile since I have truly felt down/depressed here, and today took to cake. I surrendered to everything around me and I regretted an earlier agreement to work out with a friend later tonight. I thought about bribing my workout partner with Cinnabon – no shame. Fast forward a few pitiful hours, and I find myself in her garage… still not wanting to be there.

Having a workout buddy is a funny thing. The second the workout schedule is thrown out there, plates are racked and dumbbells set – your mind goes somewhere else. The gloominess of the day lifted, and though I hadn’t touched a weight in three weeks I felt good.

So good, that I hit a PR in my deadlift and I was able to get three sets of single pull ups. WHAT. Yeah. I’ll take that ANY day. Definitely uplifting. I love the elation that I get from lifting, in that it almost matches the runner’s high I have so missed.


I recently signed up for a trail 5k, so we’ll see how that goes. Things are on the calendar for tomorrow, but I’m determined to make up the run I missed today.

Pleasantly surprised

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