Problems & Remedies

Clearly, I am the master of Irish Goodbyes. But hear me out.

Problem #1 :: Computer summons the demons from within, to eat away at it’s soul, consuming everything in it’s path. Husband checks it, deems it operational, until it is in my hands again, rendered useless. He then hooks up archaic computer to the TV in the master bedroom. Ideal, until I want to blog/research/not strain my eyes to focus on a 4 inch screen, and I have little hands reaching every which way, or a sleeping husband I’m clearly going to annoy… I even resort to using the kids’ bathroom stool for a seat. SO FUN.

Solution #1 :: Give up. Because sometimes, it’s just easier. In fact, there’s an excellent chance this post won’t even make it to publication! I opened Chrome about five minutes ago and I have yet to see a homepage. WHAT IS THIS, MS DOS????


Problem #2 :: Not running. I can honestly say it’s been about a year (?) since I did a run out of pure enjoyment. Treadmill runs don’t count, because up until recently they were used for cardio purposes only and therefore STUPID. My 400 times, however, became quite impressive.

Solution #2 :: Blindly sign up for a 5k trail race for the middle of July, in Oklahoma, and drag the family with. Best idea ever.


Problem #3 :: Clearly, we are still in Oklahoma.

Solution #3 :: I have nothing for this, except to daydream about everywhere BUT here.

[not wasting time looking for an appropriate photo here]

Problem #4 :: I wanted to freelance again, so very badly. Not for money, not for fame (ha!) but moreso out of pure enjoyment.

Solution #4 :: Did the impossible by bottling up my awkward, putting myself out there for a job, said all the right things – then got shut down. For those that know me, I do NOT do rejection well. It stings. Possible Future Solution 4a :: Become my own boss. Impress myself by bringing three dozen doughnut holes, land job, get paid, The End.


Problem #5 :: The aforementioned TV is now protesting, by randomly throwing in horizontal squiggly lines across the border of the screen.

Solution #5 :: Nothing. I literally have nothing. Looks like I will be blogging through voice recognition and re-learning how to use the stupid WordPress app on my pointless phone, which is also shutting down in it’s own special way. Letters vanish, pictures are missing, and I have to re-start it numerous times a day. Before you ask, I have over 2.5G of memory left on it.


Come to think of it ….. maybe I just shouldn’t meddle with technology. Or maybe I need something bulletproof. UGH.

P.S. I promise to return to my old self soon and not be so desperate in my future posts.

Problems & Remedies

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