Myriad of Stupidity

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to get my body fat read this morning. Unfortunately for me, this meant fasting until I got there (NOT EVEN COFFEE, BTW) and I had the “great” idea of hitting the gym afterwards. I clearly wasn’t thinking, because WHO goes to the gym on an empty stomach. I don’t do anything on an empty stomach, let alone without coffee. That is basically the only thing to know about me. Rule #1 :: coffee. I figured I had food in my gym bag, so I loaded up little man and left. I could show you a picture of the annoying little graph, but I’ll spare you the jigsaw and just say I weigh 131 with 28% body fat. 37 lbs. of fat weight, 94 of fat free. I am NOT a fan of these numbers, by any means. I go monthly, so in February I expect something different. Spoiler alert: I did not have food in my gym bag, and I hit the gym anyway.


So, in keeping with the “how dumb can Natalie be today” theme, I hopped on the treadmill to do some speed work. I did a half mile warm up, then SIX by 400s. Mind you, I have not run regularly for about a year, let alone anything remotely close to speed work. Literally the craziest I get is at Sams, running to the last Talenti jar of Chocolate Chunk, because TALENTI’S. So there I am, running 400s and I’m sure I resembled a camel on a hamster wheel, because it felt ridiculous. I did a progression run, “just to see” what I could do (again, stupid.) 8:20, 8:06, 7:53, 7:35, 7:24 and finally 7:13. That last one hurt but it felt oh so good to be doing this again.

I felt relatively fine after the run so my stupid little brain went, “OMG LET’S DO LEGS!” so I did. I had a tight timeline because the childcare maxes out at two hours, but I managed to get in squats (also stupid because I used the heavier bar without realizing it but wheeee unexpected  and unprepared for PR’s!), leg curls, extensions, leg press and lunges. Was definitely spent by the time the workout was done.

Anyway, it’ supposed to hit about 75 here today, so I’ll at least be a warm idiot… hiking with her kids… because she’s a glutton for punishment fan of super cool adventures!!!!!!


Myriad of Stupidity

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