Sunday Already?

Running has picked up significantly over the past week, something I’m proud to finally be looking forward too again. Unfortunately, the Brooks Pureflows had to go back. As always, the fit was perfect, the shoe was lightweight, and the one complaint I had, led me right back to the store after a two mile run. Apparently, Brooks changed up the style of the Pureflows and added a hard elastic over the top of the foot. I believe there is supposed to be a little bit of give, but mine did not. No matter how I tied the shoes (again, over the course of two miles, so it was super annoying to deal with) my toes still went numb and the elastic made the top of my foot itch. I came home and inspected my old Pureflows, and was surprised to find the same band there – but constructed of a stretchy knit material that had significant wiggle room. Just odd. The shoes would have been perfect, given the band issue.


Hard to see the comparison here…  it truly pained me to send the Brooks back! I wanted to try the rest of the Pure line, but was completely turned off by the plastic band across the foot, which every kind had. However, I’m glad to report that my feet are happy in some new Mizuno Wave Riders. Also, I apologize if the whole band issue is something that’s taken the running community by storm and is relatively old news – I’ve been out of the loop for AWHILE. Like, over a year.

Anyway, over the course of the last few days, I’ve had a mix of cross training (leg day, shoulders, bicep/tricep) but my favorite had to be my time spent at a local boxing gym. The boxing world is completely unknown to me, but the guy who owns the gym is Grady Brewer, who won a reality show about boxing and is basically a complete (but very humble) badass. It was pretty neat, and I’m hoping to maybe take some lessons over the summer. Little man enjoyed himself immensely!



Lastly, I decided to pain the yoga nook upstairs, which was a BRILLIANT move the day after boxing. I am on the last coat now and should be finished this week. How lucky are those who can knock this out in a day… not so much a reality in this house with kids, pets, errands, Army life and whatever else life throws into the mix. I’ll be making this room into more of a functional office space, considering I spend more time (sadly) on the computer than a yoga mat. Some teal and golden accents, and this space will be pretty cozy.


Tomorrow I get back on the speed work. I cannot remember the last time I did this, and to add salt to the wound I’m also going to get my body fat read. All of this followed up with leg day, so Wednesday DOMS should be absolutely brutal. Expect a full report on tomorrow’s embarrassment.

Sunday Already?

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