January Round Up

January has come and gone. How did that even happen? I feel like we were just in Ohio yesterday, celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

Alas, it’s the beginning of February, so it’s time to see how my resolutions stood for the month of January.

Wake up before the kids. While it lasted, it was awesome! On average, I got about 20 minutes to myself in the morning in which I sipped on coffee, caught up on Facebook, or just planned out the day/week. The kids got super sick about a week ago, and the schedule flew out of the window. For some reason or another, I’m struggling to wake up in the morning, but I’m trying. I really enjoyed doing this, and I need to get back on track with it. I noticed it helped me sleep better, as well as have more energy throughout the day. I also wasn’t ‘forcing’ myself to sleep, and the process happened more naturally.

Leave the phone by the door/counter. Again, I’m trying. If I hear my phone go off, I don’t rush to it, and I hid my notifications for social media so I wasn’t so inclined to randomly check them throughout the day. I would like to do less on my phone, but I have also improved. … Pinterest does suck me in during nap times though.

Project 365. Still going strong Smile 

Stay resilient and happy. It was hard to do this while the kids were sick, and I also am a horrible gauge as to whether or not I’m staying happy and resilient. You’d have to ask my husband.

Running 2014k in 2014. Meh, it’s going. I am also doing a strength training regimen, which takes away a little from running, in regards to time spend running or being sore from the workouts. There is a ‘child friendly’ gym here with a separate room for kids that you can see from all angles of the small gym, but W hates it. I can probably count on 15 minutes of time before he spots me and melts down. The weather hasn’t helped in my running goals at all – I wouldn’t mind running in freezing weather, or even below freezing, but definitely NOT with 40 MPH wind gusts…


You know, I’ll take it. I’m not training for anything, which I know will bump up mileage, and considering the kids were home sick for a solid week I’m ok with it. I realize 41 miles is nothing for a MONTH is nothing… but I’m getting there!

Tomorrow I have a run in honor of CPT. Kevin Landeck, as well as honoring a friend’s brother’s birthday.

January Round Up

2 thoughts on “January Round Up

  1. Sounds like you are making great progress while remaining positive – it’s too easy to go overboard and then burn out! Keep it up!

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