Six Years!!

That’s how long I’ve been blogging. Granted, I used other forms of blogging prior to signing up here at WordPress, but I don’t really count those since they aren’t really running/life related. A lot has changed in the past six years, obviously…

Then :: I was single, 22 and living at home while attending college and being Active Duty Air Force.

Now :: Army wife, 2 kids, 28 and have had about 12 addresses since then, while strictly a Traditional Reservist.


Then :: My typical run was about 2 or 3 miles, on the trails, and about a 10:30 pace.

Now :: My runs generally include a stroller of some kind, with my favorite ‘short’ run being 4 miles, at around an 8:45ish pace. The single pushes me back to around a 9 minute mile, and I don’t keep track with the double because OUCH, in general. I’d love to run trails more, but they’re not really conducive to strollers…


Then :: I was teetering around 160 pounds, eating pizza and crap foods all day long and partying on the weekends.

Now :: 123 pounds, and I eat like a bird because my stomach hates me.


Then :: I ran. That’s it. I didn’t even stretch, or even wear the right shoes. As you can imagine, this led to frequent injury.

Now :: I’m diligent with keeping injury free; which includes being fitted for correct shoes, strength training and a regular yoga regimen.

Then :: Gatorade, Gu and huge bowls of pasta for anything over 7 miles.


Now :: Amway NUTRILITE products ROC2O [electrolyte supplement] and Endurance Cubes. Still eating pasta, but it’s gluten free and I don’t stress it unless it’s over a half.

I’m sure there are more differences but my mind fails me… and surprisingly this is the first time I’ve even noticed how long I’ve been blogging.

Here are some top search engine terms, though not nearly as funny as I expected them to be (ahem, Ft. Benning Hooker search):

notice of intent to offset maryland” – it’s not often that I write a post without mentioning running whatsoever, but this was one, and ironically it generates the most traffic.

yoga journal 21 day challenge” aww. I remember that. I love a good yoga challenge.

abs are made in the kitchen” except for mine because I have zero discipline.

“calories burned pushing double stroller” A LOT. Just trust me on this one.

little miami half marathon” My very first half marathon. It was ideal, memorable, and I hope to return to it in the future.

We all know that running is easily an analogy for life itself – when it gets tough, you grit your teeth and work through it. Bad days help you appreciate the good days. Everything is a life and learning experience, little or big. Running for me first started as a way to keep in shape. Now it means so much more – our kids love going running with me; Son points out everything, snacking along the way and freaking out in excitement when a Humvee goes by. Daughter encourages me to go faster. She often asks if she can ‘run fast at the track’ and when her next race will be. All in all, the greatest thing I take from running is the person it helps me become. Bad day? Odds are a run will solve that. I’ve even started to enjoy my time on the treadmill, ssssssssssssssssh…

So thanks for letting me dredge on for SIX years about my passion.  Now can a girl start making money off of this thing, OR WHAT!?!??! Winking smile

Six Years!!

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