Surprises, Delusions, and COOKIES.

So the last I left you was about two weeks ago. WHOOPS. I did not mean for that to happen, honest. I don’t even have an excuse – general life shit got in the way; sick kids, drill, wife and Suzie homemaker stuff, etc. I did, however, run during that time as well as hit the gym. I really like lifting heavy, but I like the way running makes my mind feel… that might not make sense to some of you, but to those that it does – ya get me. That’s right, you read that first part correctly. Not only do I go and lift, but I focus on heavy lifting. What have I become?? Not a Gym Gorilla by any means… rest assured. I’ve done yoga intermittently, mainly tutorials on the basics and intro stuff that I should’ve been doing in the first place. It has definitely been a learning experience, and much to my surprise I was actually doing things right….!? Who knew.

Tonight’s run was by far the best I’ve done on a treadmill, and I also learned a bit about myself. You know those pesky 400’s that everyone hates to do? Go figure, as runners we do them for speed work, cussing and almost puking the entire way… Me included. Turns out, I am much better at 800’s. There’s just something about doing half mile repeats that just meshed with me, and though I initially started this accidentally [read: racing the Marine next to me without him knowing] it felt really good to not only test myself but freakin’ knock it out of the park. For the record, I lost the race, because well, he’s a Marine. I really need to sign up for a race, I just feel like I’m ready to train for a huge PR.

Lastly, I scored a CASE of Girl Scout cookies this past weekend. Though they are not gluten free I snuck a couple while the family chowed down on the first box. I don’t know which troop thoughtfully donated the box to our Wing, but let it be known that we were all truly appreciative! Husband will also be taking some to work, so the love will spread far and wide…

THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID. *drops mic*

Surprises, Delusions, and COOKIES.

2 thoughts on “Surprises, Delusions, and COOKIES.

  1. I feel like you’re inside my brain sometimes. Totally get everything you said about running and well, sometimes I do win the race at the gym because it’s usually an Army guy. 😂

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