Yoga, Wetlands, Gunshots and Chocolate Milk

Yoga :: Folks. If you are the least bit interested in yoga, which you should be, because it’s great for runners… please please please look into YogaGlo. They give you a free 15 days before billing you $18 per month. Now, here in Oklahoma, prices at local studios are maybe $10, so with just two online classes in pays for itself. I know in ‘trendier’ parts of the country, classes are way more expensive… anyway, I had cancelled my membership, but emailed the fine folks at YogaGlo with some questions about reactivating my service, because I decided I wanted to come back. Welp. They activated my account immediately, and gave me 30 free days. I was floored. There really are good people in the world! This might sound like nothing to you, but it was a very generous and heartwarming thing for me, and YogaGlo can count on my business for as long as I’m able to do yoga.

So, so happy.

Let me backtrack a bit – yesterday, I was more than mentally amped for a 5 miler. Though it was raining, the temps were in the mid 50s and I knew I could keep W’s interest. However, I woke up with random front knee pain that kept bugging me throughout the day, so I decided against the run, instead doing yoga during little man’s naptime. Which, I was thrilled for, because of the reactivation and all. I searched through the classes and found a knee-friendly one, and the whole purpose of the class was to recognize problematic poses for the knee and how to limit yourself in doing them. I was humbled. I thought I was getting ‘the perfect stretch’, when in all actuality I was harming my knees by hyper-rotating them. Who hurts themselves doing yoga?! I do. So glad to know it wasn’t running that made them ache Smile


UGH, jurisdictional wetlands, the worst kind of wetlands out there. Sitting there, all jurisdictional and shit.

“Wetlands” :: Which takes me back to today – mid 60s, sunny, and ideal weather for a run around base. 4 simple miles, and I pushed myself to where it was challenging; maybe a ‘short sentence’ conversational pace. I didn’t check my watch the entire run, and adjusted pace to how I felt, paying attention to my knees – 8:59 average. This might not sound impressive to you… but I am beyond thrilled. In case you weren’t aware, I come from years of 10:00/mile pace, unless I had a PT test and had to push it. The Air Force Base here has a great little trail system that goes throughout numerous neighborhoods, wrapping amongst wilderness/’wetlands’, and around the flightline.


Gunshots :: The paved trail also went around a small arms firing range, which was STRANGE to run around, considering that there was live fire just a few feet away from me. Stuff like that will definitely make you speed up a bit, and it stretched along a decent course of the run – impromptu tempo run, for sure. I didn’t have headphones in, but I guarantee you would have been able to hear it, even with your music at it’s loudest. I knew shots weren’t being fired at me, but hearing them outside of physically being at the firing range was pretty surreal. Note to self: get back to the range.

Chocolate milk :: Coming back, I knew I had to get dinner going, and for one reason or another I was craving chocolate milk. So much so, that I got in the car and physically went to the store to get some. It was the oddest thing, and I think I have chocolate milk maybe once a year. If that. the second I got back, I chugged that thing before I even put random perishables away. It truly was the weirdest thing, and I hope this isn’t a trend.


Someone please explain to me what a ‘new age drink’ is…

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying the weekend, and that your weather is treating you nicely. Smile

Yoga, Wetlands, Gunshots and Chocolate Milk

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