Double Stroller Run, Race Schedule

This morning I did ‘my job’ around the house – laundry, deep cleaning, dishes, etc. until lunch time. Ideally, I would have liked to do 5 miles with the single stroller at this time, but it was still super cold out [by my standards], and I knew it was supposed to hit 50 later in the day. W liked playing on his own for the majority of the morning, but I did partake in playing for a bit with Legos until he laid down for his nap at 1130. After a bit more organizing, I decided to call it quits, plopped my butt on the couch with remote in hand… AND THE POWER WENT OUT. Are you freaking serious. I was forced to sit and do nothing the entire time and it was horrible. During the time I was acquainted to the game Temple Run, so life as I know it has changed completely. Kind of like how when I discovered Twitter. Power was out for almost two hours, which did nothing for me when it came back on because little man was awake and we had out head out to grab K. So instead of waiting around, I took them out for a shorter run.


Today’s run was a challenge. I haven’t run with the double stroller in a while, so I knew that would be rough – let alone adding the headwind… it was downright ridiculous. Thank GOD for flat land or else I don’t know what I would have done. I somehow managed a 10 min. flat pace for 3 miles, even though I originally wanted to get out for 5 solo/single stroller miles. I managed, and I’m ok with that.

So here are some races I have my eye on. By no means have I signed up for any of these; maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I honestly would be ok with “just running” for a bit, although I will admit the thought of training for a half PR slightly intrigues me…

17 MAR :: Blarney Stone 5k :: Omaha, NE

14 APR :: Princess Run & Little Dude Dash Fun Run :: OKC, OK

27 APR :: OKC Memorial Marathon & Half :: OKC, OK

JUN :: Diamond Brigade Run

AUG :: Southwestern Scorcher

SEP :: Devil Dog Run

SEP :: Spirit of Survival Half

22 NOV :: Route 66 Marathon & Half :: Tulsa, OK

These obviously are all ‘at a glance’, and I’m not taking into account the million factors that I probably should… like work schedules, school schedules, visits to family, etc. Anyway, if anyone has input on any of these, let me know!! You’ll notice there is not a single 10k on there.

I also revived my DailyMile account, so feel free to add me. Or not, either way Smile

Double Stroller Run, Race Schedule

One thought on “Double Stroller Run, Race Schedule

  1. Shelly says:

    Aww the Diamond BG, and the Devil Dog runs…fun runs with fun memories. Sill manages to find some serious hills in those races (same course for both). Wish I could be there to be your cheering section. I see October is empty…I’m eager to do the Army 10miler…….. Just a thought 😉

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