There are times in life when you can choose to what degree you push yourself out of your comfort zone. As a child, jumping off the diving board for the first time was exhilarating, yet a common practice by the end of summer. When you are a teen, the first time you took the wheel was panic inducing, but the hours go on and eventually you think back fondly of those white-knuckle-gripping-the-steering-wheel days. A runner can have a love hate relationship with speed work – hating the process yet reaping the rewards in a PR. You think that as an adult, things set themselves in place, with little wiggle room. Alas, life laughs at you, throwing curveballs. From there, you face them head on, or with resistance; but odds are you make it to the other side. We call these ‘experiences’ and you’re left to look back with your own thoughts, good or bad.


Today as a parent I definitely had a ‘comfort zone’ moment, that I’m sure many of you will roll your eyes at. K started full day school. Now, before you get all “areyouserious” on me, this was a big step for all involved. K is what we can call a ‘highly sensitive child’ which means she needs all the prepping you can give, and this can often immediately lead to either disastrous consequences – or not. To say she loves school is an understatement. Last year she went half days, twice a week and cried every time we left. This year, we opted for half days yet again, but every day, and was thriving. After her mid-year parent/teacher conference, her teacher asked if we would consider sending her all day, because she felt as though K was not only ready, but that she would flourish. I knew that in the back of my mind, she was SO incredibly ready. For example, she asks to do school work all the time. She is always sounding things out, practicing letters, and dabbling in math. Rational was clouded by the fact that “She’s my BABY!!!!” and my thought process couldn’t help but get stuck at “this is the last big school step.” I know, I’m lame. But from here on out, she’ll be going to school all day, every day. Until College. Huge sigh.  I can do this.

With this said, I do get plenty of ‘found’ time with W. As I sit here typing, he is able to get an uninterrupted nap, something I don’t think he’s had regularly his entire life. I am also excited to start some things with him – counting, playing with blocks, shapes, and some speech work. We have already had an amazing day, and I know he will appreciate the time together as well. During his nap, I’ve also managed to do some “preventative maintenance” yoga. I highly recommend this video for all runners. Again, a comfort zone thing. I pushed a bit, and the benefit is that I sit here adequately stretched. My favorite part? The IT Band stretch. Mine is very cranky, and gets pissed off when I do anything remotely active, so you better believe I’ll be doing this video multiple times over. This is, hands down, the best IT Band stretch I have ever done – it can be found at the 18:00 minute mark.


I initially wanted to hit the gym today but NO WAY am I going out in the cold weather – I’ve done enough comfort zone pushing today and below freezing temperatures might send me into a blind rage. Grumpy Cat tells my exact feelings on the current weather conditions.


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