Sleep? Who needs SLEEP??

I envy those that get 8+ hours a night. I look back fondly on the days where I napped on the regular, not a single care given if it ruined my sleep schedule.

Last night, a friend asked openly on Facebook if anyone wanted to join her at the gym early this morning. I’m not going to lie, the second I agreed to it, I regretted it for a split second. SO EARLY. SO COLD. I came around to the positive side of things; we could all train for something, it would be a nice way to get together, keeping accountable, learning from one another, etc. Heck, it’s just nice to have buddies to work out with – and these ladies can definitely make me laugh. I was so excited that I even laid my stuff out, and partly slept in my running gear.

Then the night hit. K had numerous nightmares that landed her in our bed. W then woke up enough times to were we gave up and put him in our bed as well. I don’t know how it happens, but at some point during the night kids become starfish with 80 pound limbs just thrashing around. Mind you, during all of this, my husband had crap at work go down that required him to be on hold with travel agencies for 3 hours (!!) before taking a 3 hour round trip to the airport. Poor guy even had to nap at a McDonalds because he was so tired. Naturally, this was all unfolding around 0430, and I wasn’t able to make it to the gym.

Anyway, I licked my wounds and headed there around 10. If you know one thing about me running-wise, it’s that I hate treadmills. However, I wave my white flag when it’s 22 degrees outside, not to mention the wind chill. Wind has been especially bad around here lately, the house is creaking like I have never heard before, and it literally moves the car on the highway.

3.7 miles of speed work because anything else would have been boring. I managed. I also had an ulterior motive in that I wanted to run 3.7 miles for my friend Emily’s birthday – she’s a HUGE fan of treadmill running, completing a couple of 24 hour runs. She’s crazy.


From there we’ve been lounging around the house, fending off sleep and playing with Play-Doh the kids received at Christmas. W has never attempted to eat this stuff, but since it was an “Ice Cream Maker!!!!” he had to be watched like a hawk.


One last tid bit before I go. Though wear blue:run to remember is still very dear to my heart, I have joined the local Team Red White and Blue (RWB) group. They differ in that run to remember honors the sacrifice that military service members and their families have made, and Team RWB looks to enrich the lives of veterans. Though running with run to remember allows me to honor my older brother, with Team RWB I can not only help veterans like my little brother, but also my husband and fellow Soldiers as well. The group is very active, participating in weekly spin classes, a local Polar Bear Plunge this weekend and a bowling social next week.


I too, want to lay on the floor and have food thrown at me.

PS – I’m working on a possible race calendar. (!!!)

Sleep? Who needs SLEEP??

2 thoughts on “Sleep? Who needs SLEEP??

  1. Woohoo for race calendars! I feel like mine should have been done before the new year, but oh well. We have Team RWB here too, but I haven’t ventured out to check them out yet. Great job on your TM run; the longest I’d ever done was 7 miles. Blech.

    1. natalie says:

      Team RWB is something I’m forcing on myself. I don’t socialize, but when I do I might as well surround myself with like-minded individuals. I’m not putting myself under any pressure for a race calendar. That’s how I get into trouble. Heh…

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