2014, 2 days in.

Well helllllo 2014!

We spent about 2 weeks in Ohio soaking up family time – it was amazing. Being military means we’re not always around family, so the time we do spend together is especially precious. The most harrowing event was definitely the drive home. We left at 8 am, and didn’t get home until 2 am the next morning. We pushed straight through; crying toddler, almost-vomiting child, motion sickness me, incredibly done husband… it was a challenge but it’s nice to have made it home before we were really screwed by the storm.

I don’t typically make resolutions… and while I hesitate to call my goals for 2014 ‘resolutions’, they’re more about what I’d like to focus on for the next year.

Wake up before the kids. This sounds weird, but there is a purpose. Any one that knows me, is fully aware of my NOT being a morning person. It takes me a solid 20 minutes to even realize I’m awake, God help anyone interacting with me. Have I mentioned I live in a house full of happy, chipper morning people? Instead, I am going to try my hardest to wake up 30 minutes before the kids do and just start the day in silence and ‘coming around’ instead of the typical morning chaos.

Leave the phone by the door/counter. Self explanatory. Ditch the social media, texting and constant checking.

Project 365. A photo everyday. Trying to focus on not taking so many pictures of the kids Winking smile

Stay resilient and happy. Lots is going to happen – we’re military, that’s expected – but focusing on the negative and being a whiny brat does nothing and that ship can sink fast. Go with the flow, and keep the chin up.

Finally, I’d like to run 2014k in 2014. This is equivalent to about 104 miles a month, 26ish miles a week. This might be a lofty goal, but I am a nerd and am totally motivated by things like THIS:


And you better believe I already mapped out the rest of the year.


Finally, I decided against running the Mother’s Day half marathon hosted by the ladies at Run Like a Mother. Bottom line = I’m way too cheap to pay $110 for my favorite distance. Smile I’m toying with other runs, both in the area and back home, but we’ll see. Lots of options, just a matter of picking something and training for it!!

Hope 2014 started off amazingly for everyone!

2014, 2 days in.

6 thoughts on “2014, 2 days in.

  1. $110 is crazy!! I wouldn’t pay that either. Anyway those are some great and attainable goals. I might join you in the 2014k quest.. Haven’t decided what my relationship status with running will be this year. 🙂

  2. Shelly says:

    Funny my “resolution” for the year is a race a month, as well as adding a mile to my longest distance each month…I’m starting January at 3 miles and going from there (lame I know but starting somewhere). So get it gurl make 2014 your year!

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