marshmallow cloud shoes and a side of nostalgia

Sigh. What a kick ass day. And it’s not even noon.

A long while back, during Army man’s training, I moved home at the same time my parents also had my kid cousin at the house. I remember coming home from a run, bright red in the face and an adrenaline high – and though he would occasionally ask about my running, I could tell the interest was there. One day, he asked to borrow my Garmin, and he took off, running in old Vans, and I think in jeans… He was hooked. I took him out and bought him running shoes – from there, our strong relationship that I treasure has been strengthened through the years with stories about his cross country adventures, running technique talk, and injury blows. The excitement in his voice after a CC meet was unmatchable, his confidence soared and he was damned good at it. After high school, he joined the Navy, and my heart swells with pride knowing that he’s not only followed in his father’s footsteps, but also joins his older brother in the Naval ranks. Following my last blog post, he immediately sent me a text asking what shoes I wanted and what size. It took some talking into, but what shows up on my doorstep yesterday? Yeah. He’s amazing.


There’s yet another story behind these shoes! I met a very good friend here a few months ago after one of us [I honestly can’t remember which!] posted on a local wives FB page that we needed a running buddy. A friendship revolving around a 3 mile track [well, and coffee/pastries/play dates] blossomed, and though she’s moved on to their next duty station, I treasure the time we had here! She mentioned at some point that her husband came home with Pure Flows, and forever dubbed them “marshmallow cloud shoes” – and she nailed it. I absolutely love these shoes!


He had zero fun… not the biggest fan of the running stroller!! I can feel the ‘minimalist’ part of it, the pulling on the calf is more evident, but nothing painful. I couldn’t help but thinking about my cousin and friend during my run. I haven’t run 3 mile track since my friend left, and though I’m sad she left, I know the Army will have us crossing paths again. I thought about my cousin, and how we’ll see each other in a few short days to celebrate Christmas.

As if I needed icing on the cake, I checked the mail, only to find a dear friend had sent me a box of her famous Christmas treats. This woman needs to open her own shop; what she does with food and baked goods is downright amazing. And, get this, they’re gluten free. For those wondering, I’m hoarding these in the laundry room [the only place no one else goes] and I’m not sharing.


Hope you all are having a great day!

Do you have someone that you watched progress as a runner?

If you had one Christmas treat for the rest of you life, what would it be?

marshmallow cloud shoes and a side of nostalgia

5 thoughts on “marshmallow cloud shoes and a side of nostalgia

  1. It’s so neat to see other discover how amazing running can be – most of my family and friends are ardently opposed to running (and even my running, sadly) so I haven’t seen anyone discover it outside of the blog world!

    1. That’s horrible they’re opposed to it 😦 Are you on Twitter? There’s an amazing support group there!!!! On they have regional groups too and often host meet ups 🙂

      1. I know, right! I think they just don’t understand or are worried I’ll get hurt… Which I will (and have)! I’ll definitely check out runnersworld for a regional group – that would be awesome to find local runners!

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