2013 — 2014

Ah yes, the end of a year – when everyone looks back, moves forward with fresh hope and most importantly, scrambles to sign up for a gym membership.

2013 running wise, sucked. Big time. There were months on end, four total, where I didn’t run one single mile. At the beginning of the year, W was still nursing frequently, and I thought it would be fun to jump into marathon training – mind you, this was my first time both nursing and training for a marathon. I had no idea how truly exhausting it all was. I would come home from 18 mile runs, completely spent, to a ‘hangry’ toddler. I would have two day migraines and stomach issues for days post long run. The physical demands took a toll on me, naturally they took a toll mentally as well, and I flat out stopped enjoying running; dejectedly hanging up my running shoes in late March. Over the course of the next 8 months, the most I ran during any given month was 4.8 miles. IN A MONTH. It is crazy, and looking back, it’s hard to even try and decipher what really happened. Granted, we moved, K started school, and things got busy – but that used to never bother me. I hesitate to call what happened earlier this year a bout of depression. I’m sure my husband would disagree, and he’s probably right. I definitely fit the mold, but like I said, let’s just pretend that never happened.

So here we are, on the cusp of yet another year.

2014, huh? There’s a lot that I’ve left untouched for a couple of years. I haven’t done a race since June of 2011. Even then, it was a half marathon that I didn’t train for. Nope, nary a 5k. You know I’m due. I’ve been doing some research about races in the area, and there are definitely options. The one I’m most looking forward too is actually a virtual run, with the half being on Mother’s Day. Can you imagine?!!?! What better way to spend Mother’s Day?! Granted, yes, the best way to spend it is with family; cuddling my wee ones until they’re sick of mommy kisses. But, to rise before anyone else to run 2ish hours solo on ‘my’ day? Yes please. It’s hosted by Another Mother Runner, and they’re offering not only a training group/plan, but online support from other mom’s as well as the ever coveted shirt/medal. More details on that as they put it together.

In addition to actually running races, I want to PR my distances this year. I think it will be easy, considering I have never focused on times. I might even track down a 10k… if it’s in the area. And free. And maybe they’ll have to pay me to run the most annoying distance ever.

Most of all, what I want to do in 2014 is enjoy running. The second it becomes a chore/annoyance/sneered at, I reign it in and focus on something else for a bit without abandoning it completely. I enjoyed yoga, I loved getting in the gym and lifting weights. But nothing compared to the joy that I reveled in with running. I will have a more balanced approach to all of this, and because of my lackadaisical 2013, it will be easy to ‘beat’ that in 2014. Smile

2013 — 2014

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