Quick quick quick

As with doing anything with small children, the preparation for this run took a lot longer than the actual run itself. Aside from finding the Garmin/charger and meddling with that, I also had to drag the stroller out of the storage closet, make sure tires were good to go, and I also had to vacuum the stroller – not sure what kind of crumbs, dust or evaporated Oklahoma critters had left their carcasses behind… On TOP of all of that nonsense, in true muppet fashion I couldn’t figure out the weather shield for the life of me. So much so, that I messed with it for an hour, sent a frustrated email to my husband and snapped at the kids before spending 45 minutes on the phone with the people at BOB who finally talked me through it. Yep. I literally could have walked my route backwards by the time this was all said and done.

Anyway, the run got under way. And it. was. cold. Hours later my throat still has that weird pukey/cough feel from cold air. Does anyone else get that? Either way, as if my ‘return’ to running wasn’t better timed with newfound motivation, a lady pushing a double and her friend approached me during the run, and log story short we’re friends. Funny how that works out!

Lastly, I brought up training for something [probably a half] with my husband and he’s on board. It’ll be like date night, except Saturday morning long runs with Hammer Nutrition delicacies and sparkling Nuun hydration for him. Just need to find something relatively close – Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas, Forth Worth, etc. Not sure about the timeframe, probably spring. If you guys know of anything, give me a heads up!

Quick quick quick

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