Let’s Pretend That Never Happened.

Will you excuse my saying ‘HOLY SHIT’? What the heck happened?

I have finally come around to being interested in running again. I blame both my husband, my brother in law and his wife. My husband, because he’s 3 months post ACL surgery and has been cleared to run. Granted, there’s limitations, but he was literally texting me his excitement from the treadmill during his walk breaks. He came home, beaming, and though his mileage was humble, he sure had a runner’s high. He had been waiting for this day since before he even went into surgery, and I was so happy [and slightly jealous] that he finally was able to run. I blame my brother in law and his wife, because during our visit over Thanksgiving, they spoke so naturally about running – and I missed it. They effortlessly work their busy lives around training schedules, my brother in law is recovering from injury and setting new goals, while his ‘born to do this’ wife beams in the race photos they have plastered along their garage walls.

So, I dug out my running journals. Runs were uneventful, ‘AMAZING’ or downright awful. But, I spoke about them with passion. Something my life has been lacking since I stopped running in April. I tried weightlifting, yoga and being a complete bum, all of which did absolutely nothing for me. My running journals were a slew of memories as well, I have cards from running buddies, magazine clippings, race pamphlets and my daughter even got in on the action by adding in what she thought about runs.

I’m hesitantly looking at some races in the surrounding area and though I want to focus on trail running, I don’t think I’ll have the chance to do it often. 99% of the time I’ll have a kid or two in the running stroller, because I’m still a wimp and don’t want to run in the dark/cold.

So, here’s to running – the friend that’s always been there, even when I was being a bitch and ignoring it for months on end.

… now who wants to buy me new shoes!? Open-mouthed smile  I’ll even do a little jig and send you cookies.

Let’s Pretend That Never Happened.

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