Yes, I’m alive.


I don’t even know where I left off. I’ll summarize what has been going on for the past few months.

– I missed the marathon. I didn’t even do the half. For some reason or another, my brain is either obsessed about doing something, or completely disinterested. Between my frustrations with long runs/headaches and other annoyances, I stopped running all together. Literally, I have run 4 times since then, and while I enjoy it, I’m very reluctant to do so. I don’t know what my deal is.

– Too bad, so sad though, because I’m a member of the Air Force Reserves again (YAY!!!!!) and I have to do physical fitness tests now (not yay!) Time to put my big girl panties on, find my Garmin, and get reacquainted with running. I know I love it, but maybe I don’t need to run a marathon to prove it to myself.

– We moved to Oklahoma. My husband interviewed for a job in early May, and we were here by the end of the month. THAT was interesting. In the military world you typically have more than 30 days, sometimes even up to a year to 1) Find out where you’re going 2) Outprocess your current post [which includes tons of paperwork on the servicemember, and cleaning the house/packing up for the spouse] 2a) train a new guy to take over your position 2b) say goodbye to amazing friends 3) Inprocess to your new post 4) Find housing 5) get your household crap 6) unpack with time and ease. But we are known for doing things against the grain, and this just holds true to our way of life, ha!

– We hosted family for about a month. Again, being military doesn’t always mean you will be around family, but we were blessed that in Washington we were no more than 2 hours from numerous family members. Having family visit is always a great time – even if card games go well into the night.

– The kids and I went to Ohio for 3 weeks. Oh man. My brother was there for part of the visit as well. “Fun” doesn’t even begin to describe our time; between zoo visits, baseball games, shopping and pool time, it’s safe to say we had a blast. I was also able to wean our son, but not before I found myself walking into the ER for mastitis. I wasn’t able to nurse our daughter, so this weaning thing was new to me – word to the wise: WEAN SLOWLY.

– The same week we came back, I had to get ready for my first Reserve weekend. A lot of paperwork and running around, but I’m excited to be back!

– So that leads me to the ‘here and now’. I really don’t know which direction my blog will take. In complete and utter honesty, I’m still not really interested in running. I’ve been doing yoga here and there, but that basically stopped with the move/family/vacation, however I am excited to roll the mat out and start my practice back up. I do however, want to trim up and for the lack of a better term, “look good naked”… So we’ll see where all of this goes.

– Last but not least, huge apology for those who still have blogs that I no longer read. Life is just a bit crazy, and especially since Google Reader went by the wayside, I’m basically just using Twitter to keep up on you all! Personally, I don’t expect anyone to read my blog – writing is something I have always loved doing, and my little bubble of blurb on the internet is a great way for me to just purge whatever is going on in my little brain. Plus, a *tiny* part of it is for me to keep track of things.

Yes, I’m alive.

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