Well I started an 18 mile run. But finished it at 14. Yuck. I had the fuel, and motivation. But my knees where NOT cooperating. In fact, they are aching right now, as I sit here writing this blog post. What’s weird is that they don’t hurt while I’m running – stopping/starting is an issue, as are inclines. Luckily my run today was mostly flat, but at mile 6 I stopped into a gym for a bathroom break and my knees hurt so bad I couldn’t squat down onto the toilet.

I know why this is going on. I’m a bad runner.

I don’t stretch. I don’t take ice baths. I slack on hill work. I don’t cross train. Speed work is looked upon with disdain. I also don’t foam roll. I used to do all of these little things; back in the day, before children. Now, it’s walking in through the door from a long run, nurse the baby, make sure kiddo is fed, scarf something down really quick, and go on parenting. Hopefully showering somewhere in there.

Though I have some issues I know I need to take care of, some are a mystery to me. I had a headache, yet again, after the run. I know it wasn’t hydration related, nor fuel related. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I think it has to do with my sports bras. Since I’m nursing, I find that one bra isn’t cutting it, and I’m currently doubling up.


It’s ridiculous – and it hurts. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and purchase one of the $50, crazy looking ones with the velcro/adjustable straps. I’m frugal, so spending more than $20 on a single piece of hidden clothing that will just get drenched in sweat makes me cringe. We’ll see.

Another mystery issue – my stomach. No surprise. I found an energy gel [hammer gel :: mountain huckleberry] that I absolutely love. It agrees with my stomach, and I also had a couple Nutrilite chews that seemed to work as well.


But… the second I get home, my stomach starts churning, and its off to the bathroom I go. Granted, I’m thankful that my stomach at least waits until I’m done running to do this nonsense… but I’d like to avoid it completely if I could. I don’t remember having had this issue before but I’m also an old geezer now that has to actually pay attention to what my body is saying. *sigh*

Anyway. We’re off to watch my husband ruck march a St. Patty’s Day race, as well as do the whole beer and food thing. Well, I’ll be doing the food thing. And lots of it.


4 thoughts on “Phooey.

  1. Sorry you weren’t able to finish your run. 😦 I’ve evolved into a bad runner too although it has nothing to do with kids. I’m just lazy I suppose. Btw, a couple of the bras I recommend are the Under Armour compression front zip bra and also the Moving Comfort Juno.

  2. Girl, I’m a frugal shopper too. It kills me to spend $50 on a sports bra…however, may I suggest checking out Amazon? I just got 2 of my favorite sports bras on there (Moving Comfort) for like $20 each. Much better than $50.

  3. When I was having bad stomach issues on long training runs, I start using honey stinger waffles. I don’t know if it was the honey or the waffles, but my stomach calmed down considerably once I started fueling with those.

  4. jeanne says:

    I love seamless sportsbras and my favorite is by under armour. I actually just bought some at the px, they were like 50% retail plus no sales tax. the other good place to check out is tj max and marshalls but you alreday knew that 😉

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