Where was I…

Monday – didn’t run. Tuesday – didn’t run. Wednesday – didn’t run. UGH. Why are mid-week runs so hard for me to hit? I have a double stroller, AND a weather shield. No excuse. Pathetic, really.


Maybe my sleeping habits have something to do with it. Hmm…

Today I finally ran while Kiddo was at school. This time I only had the single stroller to push, and I managed a 5 mile run at an 8:35 pace. For the 4th and 5th miles I did some impromptu speed work, mainly because I was pushing the time and I really had to get back to the car. I was also motivated to hurry back because we had a lunch date with my husband for Indian food… Delicious.


Obligatory 3.14 picture.

I’m feeling confident about the 18 miler this Saturday. I have already started hydrating, and I’m not going anywhere tomorrow without a huge water bottle attached to me. Initially, I was going to run to the St Patty’s Day race here on post by running to it and running back, but the race isn’t until 1400 – not happening. I don’t really know why the race is starting so late, but I think it’s because they’re having entertainment and food after the awards.


This happened today and I was completely underwhelmed. They should program cars to make a festive chime and sprinkle confetti from the dash or something. In true runner fashion, I even circled the parking lot of a gas station so I could ‘hit the mileage’ before filling up and taking a picture.

Hope the both of you have a great weekend.

PS – I *just* realized that I haven’t run an actual race since June of 2011. WHAT.

Where was I…

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