Shortest blog post, ever.

WOW. Where did the weekend go??

Saturday’s long run went just fine. My husband is a freakin’ ROCK STAR and brought the kids on the long run route. They went to breakfast, walked/played around a park, and watched boats in the sound while I ran. That man is a saint. The last mile I was ready for the run to be over – my legs were hurting, but more than anything, my boobs were killing me. Will either have to figure this out within the next two months or I’ll be nursing the baby mid-marathon. I guess that wouldn’t be TOO bad…  and would ensure a PR for the next marathon, ha!

One issue with the run though, and I’m not sure what caused it – I had a major headache the rest of the night, and even went to bed at 830. Life of the party, right? I’m guessing it might have been dehydration, but I thought I did well enough throughout the run. I’ll definitely have to fix the headache issue soon, I was pretty useless after about 5 pm… not fair to the rest of the family, considering I just had the morning to myself!

Today was pretty stellar, we went to a Jeep Swap Meet [it was freezing and raining but husband found seats he’s been dying to have], out for cupcakes, and finished the day at Famous Dave’s BBQ before heading home. It’s not Texas BBQ by any means [ex., Rudy’s] but it fills the void – definitely yummy.

Off to hang with the family with the weekend we have left. Maybe even make a few cookies.

Shortest blog post, ever.

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