Track Tuesday.

Isn’t that alliteration convenient!?

On speed work days I try and find a delicate balance with everything. Time, mostly. Mainly because dinner has to be made ahead of time to meet the group at 6. Which means sometimes as early as 4, I smell dinner cooking and I can’t cheat and have a taste because I have zero self control and will keep eating. Especially when I’m making amazing meatloaf, like I did tonight. We typically have leftovers but tonight I polished off everything… hey, I’m supposed to have extra calories, remember!? Mmmm, calories.

The track was … the track. I had the stroller again. *sigh* My times were pretty on par with last week, and I think that as a general rule, I’m not going to do more than 6×400’s when I have the stroller. By the end of the run not only were my legs Jello, but my arms were sore and my shoulders and neck were super tense. I was definitely hitting the ‘if it hurts, stop’ threshold, and I’d rather hit that when I’m working out longer and not having the added resistance. Hopefully as the week goes on I’ll be able to get some solo runs in. I love my kids and I love spending time with them even if it means running with a double stroller, but there are times when I’d rather just let my elbows swing, my stride lengthen, and not answer every question with a hurried ‘MommysRunningAndCantTalk’.

Tomorrow brings a library visit followed by a run throughout town with the kids. I’m hoping this is going to be a good run – I’m due.


Track Tuesday.

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