No Go.

I had such high hopes for this weekend’s long run. My husband had (… is currently having?) a four day weekend, so I envisioned an early morning 14 miler on Saturday, cooking pancakes, and lounging around the whole day before working on freelancing stuff Sunday/Monday.


Friday, I got glutened. Bad. The stomach issues/fogginess lasted well into Saturday, and only this afternoon have I felt normal. I thought about running long this morning but put that off once I saw that my urine was darn near orange this morning [sorry!]. I will run tomorrow morning. Ideally, I will do all 14, but I’ll be happy with anything in the double digits.

Unfortunately, K wasn’t so lucky with my lame stomach issues. She was throwing up, refusing to eat, and even now she will still complain of a stomach ache after eating. She’s also on hour three of her nap, something she has never done… I need to look into gluten/toddler issues, I didn’t think she was ‘old’ enough to be bothered by it, but after this weekend I’m not so sure.

No Go.

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