FAT [track] TUESDAY.

Emphasis on FAT. I’ll get to that later*. During the Lenten season, I typically start of full steam ahead – I try to give something up like a good little Catholic, but before I know it I fall flat on my face. Throughout the years I’ve tried to abstain from numerous things, like ice cream [setting myself up for failure, in retrospect], candy, cussing, even Facebook for the 40 days. Since having kids, I’ve taken a lighthearted approach to it, exclaiming I will give up free time and sleeping uninterrupted. Har, har. This year, I don’t see why I can’t participate. Usually I would have something lined up, but this year I can’t seem to think of anything…

Anyway, last night I had a track workout, in which I had to involve the kids. This also meant the stroller would have to be pushed. BLEH. A good friend offered to push the kids, and while the gesture was sweet, I wanted to see *how bad* this was going to be. And as you can imagine, it sucked. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I had to make do since husband was at work doing all kinds of Army fun. I even idiot-proofed my Garmin to do intervals – who knew this thing did more than ‘just’ time my runs!? I need to explore this watch more… I did 6×400, with times ranging from 7:18 to 7:33 average pace. I don’t know if that’s good or not, but I did speed work with a stroller so it’s all character building in my book.


Knowing I was going to be running solo, I made dinner and cookie dough ahead of time. And not just any cookie dough. That’s right. Lime crack cookies. I seriously cannot keep this under control. Thank GOD we are finally out of limes because this habit is getting ridiculous. I made the cookies the second I got home – literally, I was scooping cookie dough so vigorously out of the bowl I scraped my Garmin against the side of it. I have issues. So there you have it.

Today we’ll be out doing Valentines stuff for kiddo’s school then walking a hilly golf course route with a friend.

*Long story short: I made more cookies after speed work and figured out my Garmin has pretty cool features.

FAT [track] TUESDAY.

6 thoughts on “FAT [track] TUESDAY.

  1. Good for you! I’m hoping to just get some run in with my double but I can’t imagine attempting speed work. So impressed. Yeah, I think I am bring ambitious on giving up Fb and lent. I give up Facebook every year but sweets might break me. Going to try my hardest to not give in during lent. But yes, most days I feel like bring a stay at home mom to small kids is a huge personal sacrifice in and of itself!

  2. Speed work with the double?! Your amazing, my double is/was such a pain to push, I’m running solo these days(winter blah!).
    Wish you posted a pic of the garmin covered in cookie dough

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