Such a disheartening run. I covered 12 miles, but definitely got my butt handed to me. We were on road/paved trails for the start of it, but the second we got onto switchbacks and loose gravel my mind totally bottomed out. It also didn’t help that my kids were up all night [seriously, it’s like they know!] and my stomach was a MESS. Seriously, it’s a good thing that I ran alone; I’ll just leave it at that. Smile Yes, I’m being a spoiled brat about this and should be grateful that I get to run, have legs that are strong, and a mind capable to run long distances. Phooey on all that.


I also, obviously, forgot to start my watch after stopping – I am notorious for doing this, but I swear I did the 12. I’m super annoyed with myself for stopping it, but since I was running solo in a new place I wanted to make sure I deciphered the map correctly. Big hint :: I didn’t. Whomp, whomp.

I did, however, have amazing views and the company of a sea lion singing to me. That is definitely a first!





If there’s anything this run gave me confidence for it’s the whole running and nursing thing. Maybe by early May it’ll be even better!!

Anyway. That’s that, folks. Now who is going to talk me out of trying to redeem my run tomorrow?


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