Mail call.

Another whirlwind day. I should probably just put that disclaimer up on the header so I don’t have to write it out every time I open a new post. Smile 

Thanks for the comments on my newfound fame. I’ll make sure to remember you all in my speeches whenever I win something awesome!!! Anyway, I mentioned that its harder for me to run during the week. Really it’s just me, dragging my feet, not wanting to push the double stroller. Pathetic, huh? People do this all the time. What is MY deal? Well I will admit that while I have been getting out this week, it’s solely because of the weather. It’s been semi-warm, and not raining, so pushing the double hasn’t been that bad. And really, I can’t believe my times lately. Today I pushed it for 4 miles, at a 9 flat pace; I even negative split the mileage. PEOPLE, THAT IS NOT MY PACE. That’s fast. And totally not me. Not sure where this is coming from. course

I also have run by this thing ^^ numerous times and want to try it so badly. Yes, I’m intimidated. But I really want to go. Maybe I’ll drag my husband out with me on a run sometime and have him show me the ropes [har, har, har…]. I came home to TWO packages, which automatically sent me into “OMG ITS CHRISTMAS” little kid mode. I get beyond excited for packages. thatswhatshesaid… One from the hilarious Milf Runner, which included my PRIZE, which will have its own blog post soon. Another from my parents because they’re downright awesome. I thought it was going to be the standard ‘everything is for the kids’ package, but I was wrooooooong. My parents seriously reduce me to tears sometimes, I’m a huge softy and I hope that one day I’ll be able to be just as sweet. Our household is doing a No Spend Month, and once my dad caught wind of this he sent ‘coupons’. Smile 


But, my favorite part of the package was getting a new kokeshi doll, which my dad has been bringing home from Japan for as long as I can remember.


Love it.

There ya have it folks. Tomorrow is my long run, 12 miles with the training group. I haven’t seen the group in way too long and I can’t wait to finally be around them!! Open-mouthed smile

Mail call.

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