Shameless Plugging.

So I’ve mentioned that I’m a freelancer. I write for the post newspaper, adequately named, The Ranger. They took a huge leap of faith in me because I got the job over Twitter in April of 2011. After taking a small break after having our son, I’m back at it.


I landed my very first cover story. This is small potatoes to everyone else, but I’m super excited about it. See my eyebrows!? EXCITEMENT, I tell you!!!!

covahYou can read the web version, here. Or, if you’re super bored, you can read all of my articles, here

The fun doesn’t end there, folks. Remember when waaaaaaaay back in my pregnancy, The Northwest Guardian printed this little gem about my running during the pregnancy? Well the reporter [ahem…I feel weird calling her that because we’re friends!!!!!] contacted me [asked me over lunch at a chinese joint!] to see if I would be interested in a follow up story. So I invited her to my little tornado of a household, chatted, and by golly, it’s printed.

So there you have it people. I done got famous.

Also, someone slap me – both kids are napping, laundry/housework is caught up, AND the sun is shining. I expect the world to end at any moment. Smile Happy Thursday, y’all.

Shameless Plugging.

8 thoughts on “Shameless Plugging.

  1. Ooohh, napping kids! I do recall the excitement of all that. And the chances of it happening to two kids at the same time are pretty slim, I know!Congrats on being properly published!

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